Tuesday, May 12, 2015

turning corners

Streetwise is turning a corner this week!!!!  

Remember Joe?  

Not the best photo of Joe but I wanted you to see him on an outreach

WELL!!!!!!!!!!!  He is coming this week to work full time with us!  YEAH!  We are VERY VERY excited!!!  He has completed the Teen Challenge program and has shown himself to be very faithful and all around rock your face off awesome!   His heart is to be on the streets doing outreach and Streetwise offers that venue for him.   Our dream has been to see outreaches happening every day and for them to be in the hands of the locals.  SO, Joe coming on board is an answer to lots of prayers…..the proverbial “kill two birds with one stone” scenario!  

His job is going to be two fold…..

First of all he is going to be given the authority of the outreaches under our direction.   We will be there to give direction and support as needed.  

Secondly, as the need arises boys will live with Joe.  Case in point, last week Fabian needed to to to the clinic to have 11 teeth pulled. 

As we had no other place to put him, Fabian has been sleeping on the floor of the Streetwise Center, not ideal, but better than where he was.  So, Joe will help give care and guidance in situations like that.  Should a boy want to come under streetwise as a student, he will live with Joe for a period of 6 months, sort of like a Teen Challenge-esque situation.  

How can you be a part of the exciting events unfolding in Streetwise?   You can be on the team even if you can’t get on a plane and get your bootie over here!  

PRAYER!!!!!!!  I say it often and and I will say it always!  A mission can only be as effective as those who are praying!  This is serious warfare and these kids have been institutionalized into the life of the streets.  Their comfort level is the insanity.  Who will commit to pray?  

FINANCES………It costs money to run a ministry.   Will you consider allowing God to stretch your faith a bit by committing a certain amount a month?   The finances given help us to live here, help us to feed the kids on the street, help pay for the rent on the center, help pay for the rent on Joe’s house and his salary, plus it also helps to pay for a kid to get through the program. 

YOUR TIME!!!!!  We need bodies!!!!  YOU GUYS!!!  There is SO MUCH WORK to be done!!!   We strongly believe that by being consistent in their lives and showing up when we promise we will be there will speak volumes of the love of God and will also begin to build bridges of trust between them and God.    I know there is a short term team coming in August……maybe consider making a trip?  I am a good cook!!  My mother taught me well! 


If you are interested in giving financially to Streetwise Outreach go to tscnyc.org and click on donate.  Follow the directions to missions and select MORALES FAMILY / ZAMBIA.  

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