Sunday, September 13, 2015

bupe's eulogy

We have just received terrible news!  Bupe, one of the boys that we have known since we have lived in lusaka was killed over the weekend.  He was hit by a car and died in the hospital due to his injuries.  That is all the detail we have for now.  

Let me tell you a little bit about Bupe.  When we met him 8 years ago he was an angry soul!  Angry like I haven’t seen.  He would walk into the middle of an outreach and start causing trouble for no apparent reason, be loud and difficult and start picking on the littler kids.  In the past year we have seen a shift in him.  He was becoming soft and pliable.  He was smiling and showing kindness.  He was even singing!  He would sing praises to Jesus as loud as he could….and boy could Bupe make a joyful noise!  I remember the first time I saw a genuine smile on Bupe.  It was a beautiful sight to behold!  However, when you looked into his eyes there was a deep deep sadness there.  You could see barely masked pain.   

I am not sure of the details of Bupe’s life, where his family is, if he has one and where he came from.  It is always hard to find out about the kids lives as they are pretty guarded on their personal details.  I will find out though! 

What I am sure of is this…..The word of God says that Bupe was created fearfully and wonderfully…..The Bible is also clear on the fact that Bupe’s life had value, meaning and purpose to Jesus.  (Jeremiah 29:11) ….also that God loved him so much that every hair on his head was numbered….also that God had not forgotten him!  

I don’t know why God choose to take Bupe now.  I am flustered and heart sick.  I began to panic that he was alone in the hospital when he died.  But God immediately calmed my heart and let me know that He was with Bupe.  He was speaking to Bupe and that never once was he alone.  

But what I am sure of is that Bupe is in the arms of Jesus now.  He is safe, he is happy, he is comforted.  He is no longer cold, he is no longer hungry and he is no longer scared.   

I believe that if he could tell you anything right now it would be this…..”Jesus loves you!!!  He changed me!  He gave me hope, He gave me love, He gave me peace!  He can change you to!  The blood of Jesus will set you free from sin, pain, heart ache, longing,fear and rejection!  Look to Jesus because he truly is the author and finisher of your faith!  He is the answer!”  

Luis and I are determined that his death won’t be another voiceless nameless death of one more of the numerous homeless kids roaming the streets of Lusaka.  I am praying that his death will spark a burden in folks hearts for these precious babies who are lost and alone and so very very broken!   

How can you get involved with Streetwise?  How can you help us build relationships with these guys?  God’s mandate to us from the start has been “One child at a time”…..meaning this, relationships!  How can you help us put purpose and meaning behind Bupe’s death? 


  1. Bupe is safely in the arms of Jesus, and resting in His love. However, let's put our hand to the plow, and our hearts at the throne of our King, as we work to prevent other children's lives ended as this. We stand with you Randa and Lou.

  2. I didn't have the chance to meet Bupe, but, through God he has touched your lives so. I am so sorry for your loss. I cry with you, but thank God there is a God that will be with those who accept him as our Savior. I can't imagine Bupe not having anyone to call his own. God is with him. May his soul rest in peace. Thank you for all the work, all of you, do. Love - Carmn

    You have just touched my heart with this story and the above video.

  3. So sorry to hear about Bupe, but it is all in God's plan. I pray for his soul & your loss & hope you can find a family member to tell them


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