Thursday, March 9, 2017

God's Grace is Sufficient!

Raise your hand if you feel like you have lived 5 years in the past two months?!   2017 has been a doozie has it not!? 

So far this year our family has dealt with everything from malaria, to detached retinas, to folks trying to stop the outreaches at Streetwise.   Oh yeah, we even had to take our dog in for surgery because his jaw was broken.  
Personally and ministry… has been ROUGH!  

I have struggled and strained with trying to find the right words to let you know what is going on with Streetwise and the fact that we need your prayers.   How do I do this with out going into boring details?  we were hoping this was just an annoying bump in the road, but it has turned into a detour and we desperately need your prayers!

Basically, with out dragging it out.......we have had to put a hold on the feeding outreaches for a time.      Every Wednesday night for about 3 years running we have gone out on the streets with food for the boys and girls living homeless.   This event has been very very difficult, but also very good at the same time.   We have been able to take the time to be still, prayerful and considerate about the way forward.  We have many ideas in mind that I will share with you at the right time.   But for now, please pray with us!  

In order to begin the outreaches on the streets again we are needing to jump through some bureaucratic hoops.   Super unfun,  BUT we believe very strongly that we MUST be under the laws of the land and obey in order to be a strong testimony.   Please pray that we can move through this fairly quickly and smoothly and that we are wise as serpent and gentle as doves in our dealings.  (any of you who have spent time in Africa know what I mean!)

So what this means for the time is that we can't organize groups on the streets for outreach, but we are allowed to continue having them in our shop.   The purpose of the shop has always been to help us evaulate and determine the specific needs of the individual.  So, thank God, that continues.  As of now we have three students.   Chris and Fred come on Fridays.  If they continue and show consistency we will pursue more permanent options for them.  
signs that we make and sell at Streetwise Craft Co 

Fred.  Don't have a good photo of Chris yet.

Mailess is coming on Wednesdays with her little one.  She gets reading lessons and in return I give her soap.   Since she has had her baby she has moved back home, has started attending church and is really keen to make something of her life.  I see in her leadership and great potential.  If she remains consistent with the schedule we have set out for her we are considering getting sponsors to send her to school. She has a keen mind and a willing attitude.  I will write more about her later.  
Mailess having her reading lesson 
Luis holding Mailess's baby Moses   

We are continuing to work with Bruce and Mary in hopes that they will one day get their kids back. 

Mary and her baby Liza.  
Me and Mary's baby. 

So, as you can see there is much happening.  How can you pray for us?  
  1. Pray for the paper work we need to push through so that we can go back on the streets
  2. Pray for our team.   Pray for unity and compassion for the lost.  Pray that God increases our numbers so that we can reach more kids
 3. Pray for provision!  We need a bus, rent money for the shop and outreaches.   

 If you feel led to give you can to to click on GIVE and follow the prompts to Morales Family/ Zambia.  Another way to give is to purchase one of our groovy groovy Streetwise Craft Co signs.  Go to our facebook page and check it out! 

Yesterday I was peaking.  I felt frustrated, tired and spent,  THEN!!! oh THEN!!!!!!  I opened my bible and what jumped out at me!?  The verse in the photo below!  So, I worshiped God and I thanked him for his abundant mercies and that HE KNOWS!  

Are you feeling overwhelmed and tired?  REMEMBER!!!!!  God's grace IS sufficient for you!  His Power is made PERFECT IN YOUR WEAKNESS!!!!  WOW!!!!!  God sees you!  God Knows You! If you don't know Jesus, what are you waiting for?  Life is to dang tough to go it alone!  Let the God who knows it all anyway help carry the burden!  

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