Wednesday, August 31, 2016

reflections and a full heart

As I sit in my living room staring in stunned silence at the wall I am pondering all that has been experienced and seen in the past few weeks.  It has been a huge adventure for Streetwise Craft Co. 

We had a visiting team from Times Square Church and THEY ROCKED IT!!!!  Priscilla, Norie, Joanne and Daniel were ROCK YOUR FACE OFF AWESOME in everything they set their hands to do.  Their attitudes and actions reflected the attitude and love of Jesus and it was a refreshing joy to have them.  Luis and I were legit sad to see them leave!  

We conducted 8 outreaches in the time they were here.  EIGHT!!!!!!    

We did everything from paint nails to t-shirts, cooked enough food for 3 armies combined, played several games of “Do Like I Do” and just had an all around knee slapping fantastic time!  Priscilla and I honed our first aid skills on the streets.  I think we both learned more about foot fungus than either one of us ever wanted to.   Norie learned how to shred cabbage like a master (even though she hates to cook) and Joanne experienced the life changing adventure of her first missions trip.  Daniel got to experience the beyond explanation experience of putting a boy from the streets on the bus to go home.    They got to visit Samuel at Teen Challenge and they got to work in the Streetwise Craft Co shop.  They were able to see all aspects of the ministry……the good, the bad, the ugly.  As Luis and I watched, we saw lives transformed (and by that I mean everyones lives…..not just the kids on the streets).  They even got to participate in a new outreach venture we feel is necessary.  It is in an area called Chibolia.  (but that is for another blog)   

I hope that the few photos that I post here will do the experience justice and get you excited about Streetwise.  Could you do me a favor….If any thing I have written and shown you here has touched your heart in any way could you help us out by passing the word along?  Share this with friends, co workers, family.  The more who know and understand the better!!!    If anyone is interested in giving financially you can go to, click on GIVING and follow the prompts to Morales Family Zambia.  
Daniel (on the right) is shown here with Chrispin.  Daniel got the privilege of seeing him off at the bus station to go home.  Sometimes the boys get on the streets for innocent reasons and get stuck with no way to go home.  This was an awesome day!  

The team brought supplies to paint tshirts.  I think this was the biggest hit of the week.  

All the boys suffer with foot fungus.  Dirty conditions is what causes this.  It is extremely painful  

The boys are getting a hold of a drug that is causing a 24 hour high then they literally can't stay awake.  Joanne was working with a group of boys and he was in her group. 

me and Luis at the outreaches  
Joanne with one of the boys and his finished art work.  

Daniel look swag cool in the African sun working with the guys 

They got the privilege of visiting Samuel at the Teen Challenge Center.  Samuel has been there for 4 months and is doing SO WELL!!!!!!  I didn't even recognize him.  

On the way to our first outreach

Little girls from the neighborhood got to play with the glitter and have a fun girly time for a few hours

Norie was helping girls pick out head bands

I found a baby at the outreach.  And yes, I wanted to keep her.  COME ON!!  Look at those eyes!

Priscilla is giving Mailese a manicure.  Mailese is 8 months pregnant with her 3rd baby

the last outreach.  SNIFF SNIFF There were lots of tears that night

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