Friday, July 6, 2012


Forgiveness is a dish best served cold....oh no wait, that's revenge..... True words though don't you think?   The need for revenge only leaves the heart cold, unfeeling and  desolate My pastor put it well.... Forgiveness is  about absorbing the pain instead of expecting the debt to be payed.  It was also said that forgiveness is assertive and sacrificial.  There has been a wrong that needs to be made right, who is going to right it?  Our hearts tells us that the one who hurt us OBVIOUSLY should be the one who fixes the problem.....but true biblical forgiveness says that I, as the victim of the pain, need to fix it....meaning that I simply have to let it go and allow god to be my voice.  Recently I was literally put face to face with someone who had hurt me and my family deeply.  It took my breath away, yet I was set free!  As I thought it through and looked to Jesus, it dawned on me...the only power they have over me is what I give them.  This allowed me to truly let the pain go and I have never felt so free.  It didn't take away what happened and we will probably never get a resolve to the issue, but that's ok.....forgiveness isn't isn't about the one who caused the pain...for the Christian it is about keeping our hearts free from bitterness.  Human nature says that when we are hurt we must defend and stand our ground.  But the power of the cross dictates that in order to be truly set free from the pain of betrayal, we MUST lay the burden at the feet of Jesus.  To carry around the weight of bitterness and the need for revenge is exhausting.  Those two things only feed on themselves and serve to make us more exhausted in the long run.  It isn't worth it.   I want to believe the report of the Lord and not the report of my own heart.  

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