Monday, November 30, 2015

clouds of marshmallow fluff

I know its been a while since I have written a blog.  Life has been moving so fast and so many things have been happening it has been difficult to wrap my brain around it all.  How can I put it all into a few paragraphs? 

So I will tell you about Shadrack.  Three weeks ago he was involved in a knife fight over drugs.  I am not sure on the details, but all I know is that poor Shadrack ended up with a KNIFE IN HIS EYE!  Thats right folks, A KNIFE IN HIS EYE!!!  Luis saw him and said that there was no way he was going to keep his eye.   I am happy to report that Shadrack walked out of the hospital days later WITH TWO HEALTHY EYES!!!  The doctors talked about the miracle that they witnessed.  Every time we see Shadrack he can talk only about how much God loves him.  He KNOWS God performed a miracle on his behalf.  What Satan meant for evil and Shadracks destruction, God turned around for His honor and His glory and has begun a beautiful work of restoration and healing on Shadracks heart.  Will you pray for Shadrack?  
Colleen and Shamrock having a language lesson  

On a side note regarding that fight…..Had Joe, our outreach coordinator, not been there to calm the waters an all out gang fight would have started and….well let me just say it would have been bad.  God used Joe powerfully that day!  

Allow me to also tell you about Mayben.  A couple of months ago Mayben came to us with a foot swollen three times the size it should have been.  He stepped on glass and it remained in his foot FOR A MONTH.  OOUUCCHHH!!!  I took a picture and sent it to a surgeon friend of ours here in Lusaka and she told me to promptly get him to the hospital, that he would most likely loose his foot, but we needed to keep the infection from getting to his heart.  Upon examination she discovered that the infection hadn’t gotten into the bone and that it only required a heavy dose of antibiotics and he was fine.  Our doctor friend, who is a born again Christian, marveled at the miracle…..Her faith was boosted and Mayben got to keep his foot.  His story is a bit different from Shadrack’s in that Mayben is very angry and hurt.  As a result he keeps getting into fights and keeps getting beaten pretty badly.   Would you pray for Mayben?  

Mayben is behind Luis and to the left.  He is wearing glasses

I will be honest with you.  This work isn’t all fluffy pink marshmallow clouds of missionary bliss.  This is tough, hard, bloody work.  On an outreach a few weeks ago I went around and collected all the boys sticka (their drugs kept in water bottles, they sniff it to get high.  It smells like demonic nail polish).  While doing that, one boy started to steal the shoes right off another kids feet, so the mayhem that ensued was pretty colorful.  It took me and Chanda (one of our volunteers) to physically restrain them.  Last week I stopped a boy from chunking a rock at another kid because he dissed his mom.  In those moments I think “God REALLY!?  I am NOT cut out for this!”  But then I hear about Shadrack and I watch Joe.  

Yesterday in church Joe sat next to me and I listened as he sang his heart out the lyrics “I am no longer a slave of fear I am a child of God”.  I thought about the drunk angry Joe we found 4 years ago and I try to reconcile the Joe we know now.   It made my heart so full!  

This was taken 3 years ago right after Joe entered Teen Challenge.  

The mandate God has given Streetwise is “One Child At A Time”.   So that is what we do.  One child at a time.  Some days we pull up rocks, some days we turn the dirt, some days we plant and water and some days I get to sit next to a young man in church clothed, in his right mind and totally set free and listen to him rejoice about how he is God’s child!  WOW!!!!!!  That sorta rocks my face off!!!

How can you get involved with Streetwise?   How does God want you to be a part?  EVERYONE has a part to play!  You can…….

1. PRAY!   Specifically right now we need prayer for our work permit to get pushed           through.  Every 2 years we have to renew it and we have hit a glitch. 

2. You can do things at church that would help raise awareness…..penny drives, bake sales, have sunday school kids write letters or make videos for the kids…..SO MANY WAYS!  

3.  You can give financially.   Currently we are needing a ministry vehicle.  A bus or truck.  Joe could use it when he takes kids to the hospital and when we visit the kids.  It would ROCK it so many ways.   You can give to Click on GIVE and follow the prompts until you get to MORALES FAMILY/ ZAMBIA. 

4.  YOU CAN COME OVER HERE!!!  We are looking for folks who would be willing to give a few weeks of time to help us make a video.   We are also looking for folks who are good at administrative stuff.   We REALLY need marketing help as well!!!  

We love you all SO VERY VERY MUCH!!  If you rock with what we do here would you help us spread the word?  Share this blog with your friends and family and help us get the word out!!!  

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