Thursday, March 15, 2012

coffee dates and street ministry

We just came from having coffee with a wonderful couple who have been on the mission field to quit some time.  Raised kids, have grandkids, the whole bit.  They are SO FULL of life and wisdom!  I love sitting with people and listening to those who have “been there, done that”  My generation has been raised to BE TOUGH, BE INDEPENDENT, BE YOUR OWN PERSON.  And I think those ideals have given us the wrong impression about needing community and listening to those who have gone ahead and have actually gained some wisdom that we can glean from.  It has been perceived as being a form of weakness to admit you need help.  HOW STUPID CAN WE BE!?  Who among us has never needed help!?  Why do we think we have to be constantly “re-inventing” the wheel, when there are some who can help me avoid some pitfalls.   It was like sitting in a warm relaxing tub and letting my muscles unclench sitting with this wonderful couple and listening to their wisdom and experience.  I want people in my life who will speak into my heart, encourage me in my walk with God and hopefully I will have the heart and ears to listen to what they say!  

Now the streets....
We went yesterday to the same market, sat at the same table and saw the same kids.  IT WAS FLIPPIN AWESOME!!!!!!  Do you remember me telling you about Joe?  He is the ring leader......the chief cook and head bottle washer of the entire sub-culture out there.  WELL, he called us on our way out to the streets to make sure we were coming.  WHY!?  WELL, he took it upon himself to go out and round up kids to come and sit with us and have church in the market!  Joe understands that we are offering nothing of earthly value.  We have no clothes, no food, no NOTHING to give, but our love and our hearts and our time.  I was BLOWN AWAY to say the least.  So, we sat and I felt lead to share the story of Peter and John going to pray and they met a lame man on the way...feel the song coming on?  So as I was talking I knew God was prompting us to talk about how they need to believe the Lord for their hearts desires.  Luis and I both talked about how God wants to answer them and prove himself faithful on their behalf.  I encouraged them to pray with us for a store front where we can begin meeting.  So, about 5 kids took turns and prayed.  I have no clue what was said because they prayed in Nyanja, but from their faces, you could tell they were pouring the very soul of their hearts before God.  It was awesome to sense His peace in the midst of insanity in an African market.  
At the end of our time Joe pulled Luis aside and talked about how he feels like a hypocrite translating for us and then selling drugs to the kids.  He is SO CONVICTED!!!!!!!!  We have never told Joe that he is a filthy rotten sinner and that he is wicked for what he does.  We have simply shown him God’s love, shared God’s heart with him and have allowed him to come to conclusions on his own.  God is beginning to soften Joe’s heart and I know it will be a matter of time before he surrenders.  It was all I could do to not start shouting HALLELUJAH!  I just hugged him and told him that we love him so very very much and thanked him for his help.    

Will you pray for us?
We need WISDOM to keep our mouths shut and our hearts open to what God’s direction is
We need the grace to be faithful in where we are and not push to hard to fast.
PRAY FOR JOE!!  Pray that he finds rest for his weary soul in Jesus!   God’s hand is on him, of that I am sure!
Pray for our children!  They are doing SO well and thriving! 


  1. Great, thanks for sharing! It is always encouraging to read your blog.

  2. Hey Girl! Thanks for sharing.

  3. HEY!!!!! How are you!? Was thinking about you so much yesterday!!!!!!!!! how are your beautiful girls and that handsome boy of yours!?

  4. Powerful stuff guys. You hit it spot on when you shared how the wisdom of older more experience people should be better utilized.
    Not in your case, but, I have seen where here there are a lot of experienced people that are not willing to pass on or share the benefit of what they have learned, with an up and coming worker.
    "... Aint got the time or patience...." is sort of their attitude. So be blessed in that mess. Stay strong my would be Nubian Princess, oh and your Angelic husband as well.
    Billy Boone


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