Tuesday, February 9, 2016

updates on Streetwise

Its been a while since I have posted.  Life just moves at break neck speeds sometimes and its all I can do to make sure I remember to brush my teeth.

I have realized that I need to give myself more breathing space to put thoughts together and share them with you all.   Anyone able to relate? 

SO, here we go.....

Where are we with Streetwise? 

WELL!!    Lets start with the Outreaches.  

Wednesday nights are going strong.  We have a regular base of volunteers who are so committed and so fabulous.   I am so excited with the direction this particular outreach is taking.  There seems to be a shift in focus among the boys.  They are beginning to ask for prayer differently than before.  Where it used to be “I need school fees” or “I need transport” or “I need this and that” …….all was self focused…….the prayers are now “I don’t want to be addicted to drugs anymore” and “I don’t want to be angry anymore”  and “I want to pray for my friend who is hurt”.  They are beginning to see their value in the light of jesus and are starting to recognize that their need for a savior.  We are seeing them wait patiently for food, we are seeing them preferring those around them, I even see them sharing their food with boys who come late to the program when the food has run out.  

In addition to this we are praying about beginning a second feeding program in another area of the city.   We have discovered a pocket of smaller boys that hang out near the malls and main road here, Great East Road.  We are also looking into outreaches to the girls.  After years of not seeing one of them they are on our radars big time.  

It has been fun for me to see the spiritual connection that occurs when we feed these guys.  When there is a balance between the spiritual and physical something miraculous happens.  How can I tell these babies BE WARM AND WELL FEED JESUS LOVES YOU and not do anything about it……but when I say those words and back it up with a warm plate of food, a hug, a gentle touch and a prayer… God does miraculous things!  

The purpose of the Streetwise Craft Co shop is two fold.  

One……..Our aim with the Streetwise Craft Co product is to raise support financially for our outreach programs.  This includes the feeding programs, as well as medical outreaches, sending kids to school, and the overhead required in running the program.   

TWO…….we believe that Streetwise Craft Co can be used as a catalyst in helping the kids on the streets to recognize their God given potential and grow in the talents and abilities they have been blessed with.   Titus has been coming to the shop every friday for a month.  In that time we have watched him realize that he has amazing artistic abilities, he has a steady hand and enjoys the quiet contrast of the shop as compared to life on the streets.  He is exhausted at the end of the day, but a good exhausted, because he is learning the value of a hard days work.  Titus has been rejected by those in his life who were meant to protect him and nurture him, and life on the streets has simply enforced that lie.  BUT, at Streetwise Craft Co, Titus is learning that he has talent, that he has abilities, that he is capable of creating beauty. 

So, how can you help?  TONS OF WAYS!!!!!!!!!  

1.  You can help spread the word about Streetwise Craft Co.  Talk to your children's ministries, youth group leaders, prayer groups, missions departments.  Talk to folks at work, friends in your neighborhoods, parents when you pick your kids up from school.  Help us talk this up and spread the word.    Streetwise needs exposure!    A friend of mine is a school teacher and she came up with the idea to do send videos back and forth between her group of kids and ours on the streets.  Sorta like virtual pen pal.  If you are interested in specifics please let us know!  We could schedule FaceTime calls for a q&a session.  Send me an email on Facebook or at streetwisezambia@gmail.com 

2.  We need help in raising funds for a ministry vehicle.  It would be used in the feeding programs, transporting kids to hospitals, visits with families and bringing kids to and from the Streetwise Craft Co center. 

3.  You could come visit!   We LOVE LOVE LOVE visitors!  Plan a team from your church and come help out for a few days.  It will change your world! 

4.  You could purchase Streetwise Craft Co products.  All purchases go directly back into the program.  Check out our line of merchandise on Facebook....Streetwise Craft Co or our website streetwisecraftco.org

5.  and last by not least PRAY!!!!!  We need folks who are wiling to commit to pray for Streetwise.   We believe so strongly that the back bone of any work is prayer.  With out prayer we might as well stay home.  Will you pray?  

THANK YOU SO MUCH for taking the time to read this!  THANK YOU SO MUCH for all the support and encouragement you all show us!!  It means to much to our family! 

If you are interested in helping financially you can give at tscnyc.org, click GIVE and follow the prompts to Morales Family / zambia 

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