Monday, December 28, 2015

a new year already!?

Would someone please tell me where 2015 has gone!?

We are facing some uncertainty in Streetwise that is really testing our faith.   I must admit that I haven’t coped very well with it.   Praying and reading my bible have been difficult to say the least… know those moments when all you can say is GOD PLEASE!!  and the words of the Bible just swim in front of your eyes?  I have run the gamut of feeling angry, anxious, depressed, extremely lonely and resigned.  The whispers of the enemies voice in my ear have been come almost audible.  I have honestly never known anything like the intensity of what I have been through this month.   Questions of "Are we doing any good?" "Has there been a point to all this?" have been running a muck in my brain.  

Yesterday God began to bring to memory the kids lives on the streets that we work with.   Please bear in mind that these kids literally have had no home training.  They have been left to them selves pretty much their entire lives so their existence depends on having “I am going to get mine” attitude in order to survive.  These babies are MASTER manipulators.  

So, God began to remind me that in recent months we have been witnessing changes and victories in their lives.   They are beginning to see their need for Jesus in real ways.  Boys are beginning to ask for prayer to deal with anger issues.  Some ask for prayer to deal with addiction issues and some even ask if they can pray for us!   You have to understand THIS NEVER HAPPENED BEFORE!!!!!!  It has always been self focused and material, but now slowly and surely we are seeing them recognize their value in Christ and how sin is keeping them from recognizing their full potential.  

This boosted my heart by leaps and bounds!!!  I saw that God is working in the lives of the kids on the streets of Lusaka, and it has nothing to do with Luis and Myranda.  I saw that Streetwise was birthed in the heart of God and that He will see it to completion.  

One thing that has become abundantly clear to me and Luis this month is that we need help!  In this coming year we are asking for partners. 

1.  We need people to come help with the outreaches!  We need help in building the team and increasing       our capabilities on the streets.  As it stands we are feeding once a week.  We would love to see that increase to at least three times a week.  

2.  We need administrative help!  Someone to help us with the books, help with the day to day admin of the work and the trade school.  Luis and I have been doing all of it and we are swamped.  

3.  We need prayer support!  The devil IS NOT happy!  We need folks to stand with us in prayer, to commit to pray with us and for us. 

4.  We need financial help!  We would like to purchase a van to be used in the outreaches and all that entails.   We can get a good van for about 10,000 USD.   

THANK YOU SO MUCH for reading this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  God is good and we are so thankful for each and everyone of you! 

I just wanted to leave you with one thought......It is ok if you are in a place right now like what I described above.......When all you can say is "GOD PLEASE!!!!" and "JESUS HELP!"  that is ok!  He hears you and will answer you!  HOLD ON!  

If you would like to give financially to Streetwise you can go to and click on GIVE, then follow the prompts to MORALES FAMILY / ZAMBIA

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