Sunday, July 20, 2014

weary travelers need rest!

I have been sitting here for about 30 minutes trying to find the right words to open up this entry.  

Then I found this picture and its true what they does say 1,000 words. It is called WEARY TRAVELLER.  See what I mean!?

May I take a moment of transparent honesty?  This has been a challenging year for me personally, yet incredibly rewarding.  

Luis and I are working on a dream God has given us a long time ago to reach the street children of Lusaka.  We get to work together on a vision that we both feel incredibly passionate about and know it is directly from the heart of God.   I have discovered in myself a level of creative ability I never knew I had. We sell these to raise money for our ministry and living expenses.  

It is something that we enjoy doing and for the first time since coming to Zambia the reasons why are clear and understandable.   God has given us a mandate, clear as a bell.   

YET, there are days when I feel like this.....

More than this....

I think the challenging part for me has been to learn that when I am out of emotion and passion, and when all I have left is obedience, God is there!  God WILL see the work through....not only the one in my heart, but the one he has put before us to do.  It isn't our work!  It is God's and we are just the vessels that He has chosen.  Not because we are special and unique....NO WAY!  But because God decided that Streetwise not only benefit the children of Lusaka, but also it benefits our hearts!  Through the process of working in this direction I have learned more of the faithfulness of God than at any other time in my life! 

Just the other day Luis and I were feeling overwhelmed with the task at hand and our inability to do it.  We prayed and then went about the day.  Not feeling any better mind you, but knowing that God heard and that is that.  

The next day I had a wonderful conversations with some young ladies who are here visiting.  They came on the outreach with us and were SO encouraging about what we are doing.  They said "KEEP MOVING FORWARD!  THERE WILL BE FRUIT!"  

God sends along what we need when it is needed!!!!  Be it physical, emotional or spiritual needs that need filling, GOD WILL MEET THEM!!!!!  That is a fact!  Take it to the bank and cash it in!  GOD WILL MEET YOUR NEEDS!!!  This week my need was "GOD, I am a weary traveller and I need to be strengthened!  HELP!"  


If you think of us please pray for us?    The kids that we encounter on a weekly basis are so wounded and bruised!  Pray that God provides the money for us to get a store front to work out of.  We need to move out of our living room.  Also, but having a store front we will have the ability to hold outreaches, the training school AND have team meeting and a store to sell STREETWISE CRAFT CO products.  

I pray that this entry encouraged you heart the way it encouraged mine!  Don't give up on what God has placed on your heart!  Stay the course and keep hidden behind the cross of Jesus!  

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