Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Prayer Changes Things!!!

If anyone asked me seven years ago where I would see my life today.....I definitely wouldn’t say “teaching street kids how to make antique wooden signs in my dining room”.  Did we see ourselves STARTING A NEW MINISTRY!?  That is a definite NO WAY JOSE’! 

God’s ways are NOT OUR OWN!  That is FO-SHIZZLE!!!  Take it to the bank and cash it in baby!  

There isn’t a week that goes by when Luis and I don’t stand in our dining room strewn about with spray cans and stencils and saw dust and think “What on earth happened to our lives!?”  

Don’t get me wrong...........

We LOVE the direction that Streetwise is taking. 

 Luis and I are working together on a project that we both have tons of passion for and that we do well together.  I never thought of myself as creative, but God has orchestrated our lives in a way that a hidden talent in my heart has been brought to the surface in a pretty cool way.   

We love that Streetwise is out of the box.  We have quickly learned that there is no one size fits all approach to the needs of the kids we work with.  It is a one on one slow and steady wins the race type of approach.  What works with Joe will not work with Nicholas.  It keeps us humble....It keeps us on our knees.  
The Streetwise name is starting to take off.  People in Lusaka are beginning to recognize the name and purpose.  AWESOME!  In September there will be the second annual STREETWISE FUN RUN fundraiser.  AWESOME!  There are two amazing ladies in our church here who felt called to help us out by planning fundraisers.  They can’t go on outreaches, but they sure can get a crowd together!  They are planning on 500 participants!  Last year there were 150.  

We need prayer you guys!!!!  We need LOTS OF PRAYER!!!!!  In the near future I will be setting up a facebook page dedicated to the prayer needs of Streetwise.   Let me know if you want participate!  Prayer changes things!  GOD HEARS OUR CRIES!!!!  As I always say.....A missionary is only as effective as those who are praying for them!  Do you wanna join the Streetwise team?  You may not be able to get on a plane and fly over but you can pray!  And that makes you part of the team!  

Pray for the safety of my family.........Just this past Sunday my girls were feet away from being ran over by a drunk driver.  The devil isn’t happy with what we are doing! 

Pray for the unity of our marriage.....If Luis and I are fighting then we loose our testimony. 

Pray for provision......We NEED a work space!  

Pray for workers.......Working with these guys, especially on a day to day basis in the Streetwise craft co is going to take MANY HANDS!  Each kid has his own unique issues. 

Basically.....PLEASE PRAY!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Thank you everyone for all your love and support over the years!  It means SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I don’t think we could do what we do if we didn’t have such a solid support structure from home.    


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