Friday, July 25, 2014

outreaches be CRAY CRAY!!!

We just hosted our first Streetwise guests!  That was fun!  Hannah Ellis and Kasey Givens were a treat to have in our home and we were blessed to have them!  I wonder if they will ever know what a breath of fresh air they brought to our little corner of insanity?  God brought them at the right moment!  We needed them and I love that God knew that!  

So, they went on the outreach this past Wednesday night with myself and Clive.   Needless to say it was CRAZY with a capitol CRAY CRAY!!  Started out with poor Gift getting tapped with a car.  (I say tapped because he didn’t move out of the parking spot in time and the guy was trying to nudge him out of the way and it knocked him down...because of the drugs he takes his response time is pretty slow).  So, that set off the boys.  Daniel kept shouting “ON FRIDAY I AM GOING TO TAKE A KNIFE AND KILL YOU ALL!”  Remember that this happened on Wednesday, so I don’t know why Friday was so important.......So, the four of us got things relatively calm and I decided to serve the tea and bread so that the boys could get distracted from wanting to knife people on Friday.  That didn’t go well.  Usually they are pretty good about standing in line and waiting patiently.  I have been known to kick boys out of the line in the past if they are disrespectful.  None of that worked and it went from crazy to CRAY CRAY in a matter of minutes.  At one point Daniel started picking up rocks and throwing them at the guys who hit Gift with the car.  (The lot where we do outreach just happens to be a popular hang out spot for people who want to drink and pick up prostitutes...yeah like I said CRAY CRAY!)   It ended with Clive, my co-leader, making an executive decision to stop the outreach midway and leave.  He felt it was beginning to get dangerous and I didn’t want to argue with him.  Nothing we were doing was calming them down.  Usually singing or handing out bread gets them focused, but NADA!  His primary concern was the safety of me and the girls.  He got us in the car and away we went.  

I wont go into detail about all that was going through my mind at that point, I will leave that up to your imagination.  But as I was sitting there in stunned silence Kasey told a story of an outreach they were involved with that went horribly wrong.  They are involved with a ministry in Austin called Young Life.  It reaches out to teens from all walks of life.  They were hosting a pancake dinner for the kids. 

I don’t know what God did on Wednesday night if anything.....Maybe we stopped a riot when Gift was hit?   Not a clue, but we showed up!  And maybe that is all it takes?  

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