Monday, April 25, 2011


It’s been almost two and a half years since the Morales family has been in the United States. Thank you guys for supporting us and making it possible for us to serve in Zambia with the street children...
It has been no small challenge these last couple of years. Most mission agencies and resources estimate a three to five year adjustment period for those serving in foreign fields. Guess what: it’s pretty dang close.We are just now feeling like we are getting a handle on things here. Cross-cultural ministries can be tough like that. But we look back on these last three years and recognize that God has been in control of everything.There is no wasted time, unless we ourselves choose to waste it. God works all things together for good to them that love him and are called according to his purpose (I can say that this is for you guys as well as for us).
There are also resources that talk about how Tactical Field Operatives (my new term for missionary,TFOs) are affected as individuals and as a family. In short, batteries tend to die after prolonged use. Jesus himself, when confronted and literally touched with a chronically ill woman’s needs, says he felt power going out of him.That is the long-term cost of ministr y. As you pour out, you have to depend upon the Holy Spirit to pour back in.
In short, we need a break. Our vessels are running on fumes, our meters are bordering on red. Our family is very much in need of a geographical break as well. I know, I know, “those roughnecks that started the China Inland Mission back in the 1800s didn’t get a break for years, AND they had no email, no online baggage check-in for the flight, no 3G USB internet thingies.”We grew up in the 80’s, whaddya want from us?
We still feel called to the streets of Lusaka and street children.We still see that there is a need.We are praying about how to meet that need. But before we can re-engage, we need to be engaged ourselves.We need to be poured into, our oil needs to be changed, and we need to just chill in a familiar environment and hear what the Lord is speaking.
Plane tickets, for a family of five returning to the States, round trip, are somewhere north of 7,500 USD and somewhere south of 9Gs (ouch).
We need to raise that much to return home and be able to return to Zambia. We recognize that ALOT of you guys have sacrificed much to give to this work, and it is very difficult to send out a plea in these times of economic adversity (the President’s words, not mine).
Well, that’s all for now. If you feel inclined (or led) to give, you can do so online at donate_tsc.php. Click on “Make a One Time Gift,” than click “Missions - Give Toward Someones Trip” on the drop down menu.There should be a field appearing directly underneath that says Missionary First and Last Name.That would be us.
Our target for going home is end of May, beginning of June.Thanks so much for your support. See you soon.

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