Friday, August 8, 2014

titles fail me

I woke up this morning to the disturbing news that is happening in Iraq and Syria.  Innocent people are suffering horrifically for their choice to follow Jesus.  Not only that, innocent CHILDREN are suffering in ways that make my heart cringe and my soul sick.  You have all read the reports and seen CNN.

For a few days I have been pondering over this new trend that seems to be permeating the western church culture (and in light of what I read this morning it seems appropriate now to write what has been on my heart).  We have to multiply....we have to disciple.....we have to be good soldiers for Jesus so that we get gold stars next to our names in heaven.

Please please don't misunderstand me, those are good and right things.  We have to be out sharing our faith with any one and everyone who will listen!  People are dying for their faith as I write this, and most of us are to scared to open our bibles in public for fear of offending.  So, yes all of us need to be challenged and need to be taught scriptures so that we don't stumble over our own tongues and passion.

But here is my dilemma.....are we relying to much on trends and the books of the day to dictate our stance for Jesus?  Are we being swayed by popular "cool" Christianity in our need to look relevant and appropriate?  Is our desire to create a cool vibe out weighing the need for our hearts to be  challenged and our sins being dealt with in light of the cross?

I have always believed that true revival starts with a cry of repentance in the hearts of the church.  That when I am living in a right, transparent relationship with Jesus, when I am constantly examining my life in the light of God's word and allowing the Lord to delve, probe and do surgery on the areas that hurt, that my passion for the lost and my desire to share the freedom I have in Jesus with grow and expand.  That when the moment arises God will fill my heart and my mouth with the words that are needed in the moment.

Again, please don't misunderstand.......I truly believe in good godly teaching that inspires and challenges my heart.  But I think that now is the time for the church to put the "how to" books down and to get on our faces and seek God's will for our lives and for the lives of the lost around us.  

Our "brothers and sisters" are suffering in ways that world hasn't seen since the days of the Roman Empire and the colosseum.  Let us hold high the banner of Jesus Christ and not be afraid!

The scriptures say "He will keep you strong until the end!"

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