Sunday, November 3, 2013

my pork trotter miracle

In our 6 years of living in Africa we have learned from first hand experience that God CAN and WILL provide!

I must admit that more often than not frustration gets the better of me and I don't handle the faith testing moments with the dignified aplomb I should.  I can relate well to this little boy and his wonky bike.  When God throws a curve ball my way to teach me something I sit on my bike and cry.

Isn't God good though!?  He lets us have our fits and then gentle takes our hands and pushes us forward cause he does have a plan!!!  If we would just settle down and realize we are peddling with a weird bike, we would see that Jesus Christ is actually in control and we are not!  

Long story short.......tonight I was making dinner..... (potato soup....for those of you who are curious) I was thanking God for meeting our families needs and seeing us through every twist and turn life throws our way.  When all of a sudden....low and neighbor, who isn't a Christian.....turns up at my door with about 20 pounds of fresh on the bone pork meat.  You guys, it wasn't 2 minutes after I was finished thanking God for his wonderful provision that this happened!  Stella and her husband own a piggery and had just slaughtered this morning.  

She wanted to bring us a piece of a pig as a gift.  (there is a long story behind why, which I will write about later).  I did my best to keep from crying at the goodness of God while Stella proudly told us about her pig farm and who they supply to.   (its not culturally cool to cry in public in Zambia)
Does anyone out there know what to do with pork trotters?  I have a huge one now sitting in my freezer.  


  1. Oh boy, crying in public in Zambia...that's all I ever did!! =/
    About the trotters, Puerto Ricans make a stew (perhaps Luis has had them). But there isn't much meat there. It can be flavorful, but there's a lot skin and fat...not sure if that's your thing.
    Nonetheless, I join you in praising God for His provision. You are a blessing!
    Love you guys =)

  2. I have decided to make a stock with it. Then some banging rice using said stock.
    ROCK ON!


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