Thursday, September 27, 2012

our 6'2" kindergartener

You all remember us telling you about Joe?  

To refresh you memories, he is the young man from the streets who is the top of the food chain in their world.  If the world of the street children was a kingdom, Joe would be the king and everyone else his loyal subjects.  We have watched Joe transform before our very eyes from a hard angry violent drunk into a soft hearted, soft spoken kind man who simply wants to lay hold of all Christ has for him.  

Last I updated you on him, we were in the states and were asking for prayer on his behalf because he had just asked Jesus into his heart.  

Here is what is AWESOME!!!  While we were in the states, he got himself to church EVERY SUNDAY!!!  We were told that he was diligently asking questions, started taking notes and wanted to know if he could get copies of SERMON NOTES!!!!! 

We have realized that Joe needs to be in a place where he gets some structure in his life, gets concentrated discipleship, and learns how to live off the streets.  SO GUESS WHAT!?  We learned that there is a TEEN CHALLENGE facility only 45 minutes away from us!!!!!!  Luis met with the director a few weeks ago and felt a real peace about moving forward with them.  Joe decided that he wanted to go take a look at the place so we took him there today for a visit.  

Wafuka made Joe feel at home, (poor dude...he was scared...I felt like I was taking one of my kids to kindergarten for the first time....a six foot one at that!)  He made it very clear to Joe that he is very very welcome, that he will be a part of a family there and that his life will be changed for the best!  He also encouraged him to take the paper work, go home and seriously consider the commitment.  Wafuka also spoke at great length that it is the heart that they work with, not the outward behavior.  If we allow God to change our hearts, our behavior follows...correct?  

Would you please pray for Joe??  Pray that he doesn’t let his fear dictate his decisions.  We can’t force him, for crying out loud, he is a grown man.  Pray that he has the courage to walk into this new unchartered waters of his life.  

BTW, HOW COOL IS IT THAT THERE IS A TEEN CHALLENGE IN ZAMBIA!!!?????  It was AWESOME!!!!!  We stood out in the yard and had a nice time talking about David Wilkerson how small the world is.  

Would you also pray for us....
We NEED a place to meet with the kids on the streets.  Every place we look at has some issue or another.  God has been clear that we are to be on the streets having church......we need his wisdom and guidance and the resources.  We want to give them a clean safe place where they can come and find a bit of refuge from the craziness of life. 

Pray that others want to join us out on the streets.  The job is great, and the need is HUGE!!

If you feel led to give to the work here please go to / donate / missions / Morales Family Zambia


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