Tuesday, September 25, 2012


The weight of what I am facing personally was threatening to crush my spirit this morning.  The desire to throw in the proverbial towel was very very strong.  I sat on my bed weeping before Jesus.....

Here is what God dropped into my heart...

 1. At the moment of my deepest pain and heartache, when all seems hopeless and the pressure of life threatens to crack my fragile hold, Jesus himself will walk out onto the waters of my soul and sweeten them by throwing himself in, turning it all into something praise worthy and beautiful!  It grants me the strength through his grace to worship in Spirit and in Truth!  

2. I cannot rely on the victories and the provisions of yesterday.  I have to actively go out every morning and gather his mercies that are new every morning.  If I don’t find myself in Jesus every day I will starve to death in my tent while his provision is waiting outside in the grass.  All I need is to go out and gather it.  

Here is a quote from a bible study that I am doing....

“He gives in perfect supply for the need. Our ratio of mercy matches our present need.  When the time arises and the need escalates, so does the grace required for us to make it!  God is always sufficient in a perfect proportion to our ned.  Every morning He has already set aside the omer for our daily need.  ....The mercy and grace of God are always there, available every day, prior to our need, and in direct proportion to every moments demand, but we must gather them!”

The Isrealites were given the provision they needed for the day, EVERY DAY!  Accept it or reject it, the provision was there for the taking, they just had to actively participate in gathering it!  WOW!!! 

The provision that we need is right there in front of our faces!  Do you need the grace to love?  Do you need the strength to serve your family?  Do you need the ability to train your children in the Lord?  Jesus is the Bread of Life!  He provided HIMSELF FAITHFULLY AND COMPLETELY EVERYDAY for the people in the desert!  WWWWWWOOOOOWWWWWWW!!!!!  

He has provided himself for us FAITHFULLY AND COMPLETELY!!!!  We just have to actively find ourselves in His word and crying out to him DAILY!  He is our provision!  

"You Are I Am"
Mercy Me, THE HURT AND THE HEALER  (the video is a tad corny, but the SONG ROCKS!!)

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