Friday, June 3, 2011

rest and reflections

We have been home for a week and it feels so surreal on many levels.  We are SO happy to be home, but I think we have entered that dreaded reversed culture shock that all missionaries hate.  Life has moved on with out us and we have to find a way to fit in.  People have gotten married, had babies, gone through their stuff and have changed.  New people have come, old people have gone.  We went to church on Tuesday and I was so overwhelmed by everything that I had to have a good cry.   NYC moves SO DANG FAST!!!  I didn’t realize how accustomed I have become to an African life style.  Things revolve around the people in Africa while things revolve around the event in NYC.  No one is right or wrong, it is simple cultural differences.  I do see how we can learn from each other though. 

My goal for this time home is to work on my health;  physically, spiritually, and mentally.  Get reconnected with friends and just rest.  I want to loose weight, feel better about myself and just let the Word of God sooth my soul.  It has been a difficult 2.5 years and I want to make sure that I sit and properly reflect and learn.  

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