Thursday, June 23, 2011


We would like to officially give everyone a big H-O-W-D-Y from the U.S.A.  We have been throughouly enjoying our break and are actually feeling rested.  It has been awesome to get reconnected with old friends and catch up on that has gone on in everyone’s lives over the past few years

Looking back on the past few years in Zambia, we have been amazed at God’s mighty hand of provision and grace in our lives.  From surgeries, to out reaches, to everything that life involves, God has been SO faithful and we can say with good assurance that we wouldn’t have done it any other way.  We have grown, the Lord has tested us and we have become different people.  (I know my husband is happy about that!) 

Our expectations of ministry, of ourselves, of God even, have had to be refined, and in some cases ripped down, so that the Lord can come and give us his perspective and understanding.  How often do we put our own weird spin on things and mess up what the Lord wants to do in and through us?  How often to do over complicate His purpose in our lives?  How often do we hold onto to the sinking ship of our flesh and Jesus has to come along and smack our hands to make us let go before the ship goes down?

We can say now that these past 3.5 years have represented a death for us, death to ourselves, our expectations, our desires…..and it is beautiful in the sight of God.  We sense in our hearts a new chapter is about to unfold.

One way we are going to move forward in our new chapter of the Morales Madness is we are going to Colorado in July to the Missionary Training International program.  There they equip missionaries incoming and out going, with the tools required to cope with all the crazy changes that take place.  It is a big toll on a family to make a change like this and we are praying that at MTI we will gain some valuable insight in moving forward.  Would you pray with us that God provides a way for us to get out there?  We need to be there from July 17th through the 25th. 

Luis and I are also praying about how we move forward with outreach to the street kids.  We have some ideas in mind, but are praying and seeing what direction the Lord will have us go in, so please pray for wisdom and direction.  We will keep you guys up dated as the Lord shows us the steps to take. 

We love you all and want to hug each and everyone of you! 

PLEASE CALL US TO SAY HI!!!  You can reach us at 973-615-6794.  We would LOVE LOVE to hear from you and find out how you all are doing! 

Much love,
Luis, Myranda, Amira, Hannah and Brooklyn Rose

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