Wednesday, February 28, 2018

what happens when you buy Streetwise?

I am writing today's blog for two reasons.  I want you to meet Bruto.  And I want you to know what a valuable role you are playing in his life and in many more likes him!

Bruto, as you can see from this picture, has had a rough time of life.  He is only 20 and has been living on the streets since he was 8.......EIGHT YEARS OLD!!!!!!!!  What were you doing when you were EIGHT YEARS OLD!?  I was not fighting for survival in unspeakable odds....thats for sure!

He came across our radar at Streetwise because we found out that he works during the day doing odds and ends wherever he can (carrying grocery bags for people, digging up gardens for others.....) and then uses his wages to buy food for the kids living on the streets with him.  We have begun to ask how can we come along side him, love on him, point him toward Jesus and support what he is wanting to do among his peers?

Long story short, he only came to the shop once a couple of weeks ago, then fell off the radar.  We couldn't find him!  Our team felt VERY STRONGLY that we needed to go find him on Monday and find out what was going on with him.  So, Tim, our outreach guy, went out and found Bruto!  He found him in a suicidal, emotionally tormented mess!

YES THATS RIGHT!!!!!  Bruto was about to go fling himself into traffic when Tim found him!!!!!!!!!  You guys, Im not trying to be dramatic when I share this.....but I want you to know that the situations these guys are living in is desperate.  Bruto had reached the end of his tolerance and he was so desperately alone and afraid and wanting to end it all!  And here comes Tim!  Ready to love him and show Bruto that his life is valuable and purposeful!   Tim got him into a cab and took him to the hospital because he learned that Bruto had a terrible fever.  Tim sat with him ALL DAY, talking with him, praying for him and treating him with love and dignity.    Through out the day Bruto was remember different scriptures our team had shared with him and the impact they have made on his life.    Scriptures that he and Tim had spoken about in times past were coming back to Bruto's memory and he spoke of the hope that it gave him and how much he has appreciated Tim taking the time with him.

What would have happened if Tim hadn't found Bruto when he did!?  This would be a very different posting!

This brings me to the second point I wanted to talk about.....YOU!!!  What happened on Monday in Bruto's life was made possible because YOU purchase our Streetwise Craft Co product!!!  Because you spent you money with us we had the resources necessary to send Tim into town, we had the resources to arm Tim with to meet what ever he found.  Because you bought Streetwise we were able to get Bruto the medical care and the food he desperately needed!  Because you purchased Streetwise you helped save someone's life!!!!!!!!!  THINK ABOUT THAT WHEN YOU LOOK AT YOUR PIECE OF ART HANGING ON THE WALL OF YOUR HOUSE!!!!!  That piece of art holds value beyond the monetary!

THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR ALL YOU DO ON BEHALF OF THE KIDS LIVING HOMELESS IN LUSAKA!!!!!!!!!  Thank you!!!!!  You may not think that your 20 dollars will make a difference, but BELIEVE ME IT DOES!!!!!!!!!!!  Tim was armed with the equivalent of 70 dollars on Monday, and that was enough to buy food, transportation and look after Bruto's medical expenses.

If you would like to donate you can go to on GIVE and follow the prompts to MORALES FAMILY / ZAMBIA 

If you are interested in seeing more of our pieces for sale you can go to our instagram @streetwisecraftco or visit our Facebook page

You can also visit the following link if you want to buy a t-shirt!  Represent with your streetwise swag!!!  WOOP WOOP!

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