Wednesday, February 7, 2018

one purpose one child at a time!

Why do we do the crazy things that we do?  Our missions statement says it all......ONE PURPOSE ONE CHILD AT A TIME

What is the one purpose?   To bring the love and light of Jesus to a group of people who are lost, forgotten and literally cast aside.    These are some statistics found online that I find pretty eye opening to the situation at hand in Zambia.   

  • over 30% of all children under the age of 15 are orphans, mainly AIDS orphans
  • 80% of the people in rural areas live below the poverty line
  • half a million young children are living on the streets, with no one to look after them 

Those numbers are staggering and I immediately feel overwhelmed upon reading them.  I have faces and names that can be assigned to these statistics.  Kids that we have brought into our hearts, kids that we have hugged, kids that we have bandages wounds for, kids that we have cried over.  SO, that is why our missions statement means so much.  

We have to constantly remind ourselves of what the ONE PURPOSE is.  Years ago when we started God told us the purpose was to simply bring Christ to them and allow the kids to make the choice.  All their ability to make choices in their lives was destroyed the day they moved onto the streets.  

Understanding that in that, on a need by need basis, bringing Christ means spending days in the hospital with a kid who has a severly broken finger for two months,  or wading through the muck of a poverty ridden neighborhood to find a street girl and her severly malnourished baby, or simply giving a tired weary boy a safe place to sleep for a few hours and some healthy food.  ONE PURPOSE is an outside of the box statement for Streetwise.  It doesn't look the same every time.  But the PURPOSE remains the same!  

ONE CHILD AT A TIME is simply that.   We can't solve the problem for the 500,000 kids living homeless in Zambia, but we can pour our resources into that one kid who needs love.  We believe whole heartedly that one life SO valuable and worth all the resources heaven has placed at our disposal.  So, that is what we do.  One kid at a time!  


In order to do this we need your help!  

1. We are actively searching for a place to rent so that we can conduct street outreaches.  Currently we go to the kids, but we see that we need a place where we can control the environment.  The place needed should be near the center of town so the kids will be able to walk there.  

2. We are also actively raising funds to purchase a ministry vehicle.  Hence the logo you see at the top!  In the next week we will be launching a campaign to raise funds.  Its really exciting!!  You will be able to purchase a t-shirt, tank top or hoodie with the above logo on it.  The funds raised from selling shirts will help us buy a bus!!!  We need 10,000 usd in order to accomplish this!  So, you buy a cool t-shirt, and you help a street kid at the same time!!!  GROOVY!!!!  What colors would you like to see? 

3. AND AS ALWAYS!  We need prayer!  PRAYER IS KEY!   We are only as effective on the streets as the prayers we pray!  It is in prayer that we find God's heart, His mind and his strength to accomplish the seemingly impossible task!  

Thanks so much for your consideration in reading this!!!  PLEASE pass it on to your friends and help us spread the word about the street kids!!!!  

If you want to donate for our bus fund you can go to using or you can buy a t-shirt within the week!  ROCK ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If you would like to give toward our living expenses you can go to and click on GIVE follow the prompts to MORALES FAMILY /ZAMBIA

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