Monday, January 4, 2016

2015 in review part 2

Behold, the second installment of my year 2015 in review.  This has proven to be a difficult task!  This year I have tried to tell our journey through pictures more and more and MAN do they accumulate!  So, I have done my level best to pick a few of my favorites.  I am attempting to show you what I see on a daily basis in my life here in Zambia and how I view the folks in it. ENJOY!  I would love your feedback!  

Groovy Store Fronts

People I see on the Streets

In front of Bank Buildings in Lusaka this is a common sight.  

I just thought she was super fierce in her red dress

We were at a Zumba class that held a community class to raise money for Streetwise.  These girls showed up and had the time of their lives. 

Many kids can be found at the stop lights around the city begging at cars that are waiting.   I am guessing this guy is around 10 years old

Saw her at an art function and thought she was fierce in her face paint.

Some of the littler guys we work with at the Streetwise feeding program.

One of the guys on the streets we work with.  You can see the pain of life in his eyes. 

I thought this guy had the coolest beard.

Luis and I were having debates about whether the black and white or color version of this photo rocked it best. 

Simba is shown here sniffing glue or "sticka" as the kids call it. 

THE SHOP.......We work out of an outreach center called THE SHOP.  There we create reclaimed wood art to sell and that helps to fund the work we do with the Street children of Lusaka.  Here  you will see a small sample of who we see daily in The Shop. 

Matthews sells oranges to help feed his family and pay for school fees.
Ocassionally he brings friends  

This is Sophia, Matthews little sister.  She is a fire cracker 

Christopher is one of the building managers where The Shop is located.  He is a strong Christian and loves life as you can see depicted.  

One thing we have done is open up time to folks to bring their kids for craft time.  PLUS, this little guy is so friggin adorable I just thought he deserved a spot. 
More of Matthews crew

Joe works with us full time.  He helps to run and coordinate our outreaches to feed the kids on the streets and as time permits he helps in the shop.  

This is Matthews big brother, his name has slipped my mind

We had a fourth grade class come for a field trip.  They got to learn about our work with the kids and got to make crafts in the shop to take home. 

Joe tries his level best to ignore me when I am in "camera fever"

My husband has named this "Don Cheedles Long Lost Offspring"


  1. Buhrmann!! What a cutie! Love your photos, lady ☺

  2. Gorgeous photos Myrander. I miss Zambia & Africa so much - thanks for showing me where my heart lies


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