Friday, January 1, 2016

2015 in review part 1

I have decided that instead of writing something flowery to describe our 2015, photos will tell the story.  This isn't even a fraction of what I wanted to send. Maybe installments?  Enjoy!!!

Amira discovered the wonderful world of selfies 

Amira is a Coney Island Warrior at heart!

I agreed to jaw reconstruction surgery for a dog so that my kids hearts wouldn't break.  
Hannah began to turn into a real beauty

Brooklyn discovered the joys of taking a shower in the rain
Hannah was not so sure about the idea of taking showers in the rain

I am thankful that God has blessed me with a husband who loves our girls like they deserve to be

Feeding programs began.   Christopher had me rub his belly because he was so happy to feel full

We saw more construction coming to Zambia, furthering the divide between the rich and poor
Jesus rescued Joe off the streets 4 years ago, now he can be seen all over Lusaka praying with kids, feeding them, taking them to hospital....basically doing what needs to be done, however it should be done.   
The first day we began the feeding programs.  She is holding nshima paddles.  They are used to make nshima, the staple food here in zambia,  It is served with a heavy stew.  
Selfies with the Nshima paddle lady  

Hannah had a long day at school
Brooklyn's punk rock side began to show more this year.  

Brooklyn and I went to an art exibit that featured art done by students all over Zambia depicting various aspects of Zambian life and issues.  

Streetwise moved from our living room to AN ACTUAL SPACE!!   Thanks to the generous donations of folks from Times Square Church

Amira told me that I am like a creepy stalker with a camera!  Can you believe that!!

Brooklyn is showing how big the pot is that we use to make the nshima for the feeding programs. 

Our dining room BEFORE we move into the space!   
I was holding this baby back in the neighborhoods.  Took this right before she decided to pee on me.  

Amira was into the idea of taking showers in the rain!

Sister love

At the Dutch Reformed Market where we sell the Streetwise Craft Co products that support the Streetwise Outreaches.  We get colorful visitors. 

We expanded the Streetwise Craft Co line to furniture! 

At an outreach.  The boys were appalled that I showed up with paint on  my hands so they used Sticka (the glue / alchohol solution they sniff to get high) to clean the paint off my hands. 

I am adding a photo of titus because I am believing God for him this year.  He has many obstacles to over come.  Who will commit to help pray for him this year?  I am believing for a good report on Titus' behalf.   
We hosted our first TSC missions team!  

We hosted a team from the World Race for a night.  That was fun! 


  1. That is a wonder-full year with joy and challenge! Happy New Year from Colorado!

  2. Becca used to LOVE showering in the rain! When we had no water, we all did it!! I will pray for Titus, may God speak clearly to him, and may his ears be open to hear Gods word


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