Monday, September 7, 2015

life as we know it.....nuts

Phew…..where has this month gone!?  WHAT ON EARTH!!??  Have I really just completed September 7, 2015!!??  

What have we been up to??

Well…….In the middle of re-adjusting to life in Zambia…..14 hour a day power cuts and all that entails…….getting our kids prepped for school, adjusted to Zambia and engaged with life here, we hosted our first ever Streetwise Outreach SHORT TERM TEAM!!!  

Colleen was hanging with Mathews and having a good time 

 singing songs with the boys
Autumn and Titus
Zambia is facing some dire days ahead.  To keep a long story short and readers digest…..basically there is not enough electricity to power the country.  Due to this it is having ripple effects on the economy and peoples frayed nerves.  Business is suffering and the already grinding poverty is getting worse.  

You guys, when we landed back in Zambia on August 4th, all I could think about was a hot shower and my bed.  WELL, we came home to a dark house and dry pipes.  We couldn’t shower for two days…..eeeewwww

SO, as you can imagine it was a rough re-adjustment for our family, but God’s grace is very very sufficient!  The TSC Zambia team was the perfect breath of fresh air for us.   

They came bright and ready and excited for the adventure ahead and boy howdy did we have fun!  

I watched Jacob experience for the first time in his life what a loving gentle touch is like through the hands of a nurse who was on the team.  She ministered to his wounded feet in a way that makes me cry from the beauty of it every time I think about it.  

Jacob was sitting with Charlene and Jane singing songs
I watched Fabian, who has been with us since April, come out of his shell and blossom.  Who knew Fabian was funny!?  Who knew that he was good with little kids?  Who knew that Fabian can tell a story that keeps you enthralled?  
Fabian was showing us how to do a cartwheel on our day off

I watched as Joe, who has been with us since 2012, laugh!  He saw that there are other crazy Christians out there besides me and Luis and that it is ok to laugh at yourself and be silly sometimes.  
I call this one "Joe and his Ladies"

I watched my own children; Amira, Hannah and Brooklyn, come out of their funks.  They were having a hard time adjusting to life in Zambia in a way that was worrisome to us.  The team just loved on them and played with them and talked with them.  I could see the shackles of heaviness leave their shoulders.  PHEW!  Thank you Jesus!!!!!  (the internet slowed down, I couldn't load photos of them)

When they left Luis and I were left with a feeling of the miraculous.  It was good for us to have fresh eyes on Streetwise.  It was refreshing to see the teams passion and excitement for the work and the love they showed the kids (all of them, on the streets and my brood).  It renewed in us the passion and desire that God placed in us 8 years ago when we came here.   I could go on and on about that, but its for another blog.  

If you would like to contribute to the Streetwise Outreach go to and click on give and follow the prompts to MORALES FAMILY / ZAMBIA.  

If you would like to purchase a Streetwise Craft Company product email us at or inbox me on Facebook.  We accept payments via PayPal using  

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