Friday, August 21, 2015

five loaves and two fishes

He was washing his jeans in the gutter right next to where we held outreach.
Colleen was getting a language lesson 
Today was the first day of outreaches for the Times Square Church team.  It was an amazing day full of so many miracles and plain ol’ rock your face off awesomeness!  These ladies have proven themselves to be so committed, so sweet and so available to what ever the Lord would have for them!
Seun was teaching the kids how to sing a song. 
Some kids we saw this afternoon.
Autumn and Titus....friends for life

One miracle that deserves mentioning happened tonight.  We went out to feed 30 kids hot food tonight and up walked 65!!!!!!  SIXTY FIVE KIDS SHOWED UP!!!!!!!!!!!  I quickly ran around to everyone and said PRAY FOR A FIVE LOAVES AND TWO FISHES MIRACLE!!!!!  You  must understand something…..just this past Wednesday, at the regularly scheduled outreach we went prepared to feed 30 to 40 kids.  We feed 35 and there was not a drop of food left. 

Tonight, we brought the same exact amount of food.  AND THERE WAS SOME LEFT AFTER FEEDING 65 KIDS MORE THAN ENOUGH FOOD EACH!!!!!!!!!  My camera battery was dead and we were in the middle of our customary power cuts at the moment, or I would have taken a photo of the event.  


After everyone had eaten one of the ladies on the team who is a nurse took Jacob into the van and cleaned his feet and bandaged him up.  Jacob has a terrible fungal infection that is causing horrible pain.  So, Jackie took what she knows to do and poured into the boys life.  To me, it was such a beautiful example of the love and tenderness Jesus has for us.  She was so sweet, so gentle and so loving.  It was beautiful to watch.   Jacobs needs were ministered to, not only on a physical level, but also on a spiritual and emotional level as well.  

Please pray for these ladies as they continue to pour out and serve these precious kids.  Please pray that God would continue to direct our steps and guide us while they are here.  Pray for divine protection, wisdom and unity.  Pray that they enjoy themselves, enjoy one another and that they walk away from their time here carrying the burden for these precious kids on the streets back to their homes.

ROCK ON!!!! 

If you are interested in giving to us here in Zambia you can go to and click on GIVE and follow the menu prompts to MORALES FAMILY / ZAMBIA 

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