Monday, April 27, 2015

What does Streetwise need?

I decided to make a list of the specific needs Streetwise has.  We have been racking our brains about how to let people know what the needs are and how to get folks inspired to come on board.  THEN IT STRUCK ME!  DUH MYRANDA!!!!  Just lay it all out there and let folks decide!  So, I have compiled a brief list of ways people can get on board with Streetwise.  I would say that number one is the priority!  Doesn’t matter where you are, who you are or what has been or is going in your life.  You can get involved!  The bit that you can offer does make a difference!

PRAYER!!!!!  Like I have always said “A missionary is only as effective as those standing behind them in support”.  Who would commit to pray?  For us, for the work, for the boys? You make think  “All I can do is pray! Wish I could do more”  POOPIECOCK!!!!!  That is the biggest thing you can do! 

SPREAD THE WORD!!!!  How can you spread the word about Streetwise from where you are?  How can your church get involved?  Prayer groups?  Fund raisers?  Awareness campaigns?  Get the kids ministries involved by praying and teaching them about Zambia and the culture?  Loads of ways!!! 

PEOPLE!!!!  We need PEOPLE!   Our long term vision is to have outreaches going on everyday.  We believe that the strategy God has given us is relationship and consistency.  When we show up consistently and build relationship, the kids begin to trust and are willing to open their hearts to what God is wanting to say to them.   As the boys begin to come into the outreach center and learn the Streetwise Craft Co. project, we need folks.  One on One is the key!  We need folks to read to the kids.  We need folks to help bring lunch.  We need folks to help bring kids to the clinic as the need arises.

SOUP!!!  As it stands we bring food on Wednesday nights to the kids.  We feed anywhere from 30 to 50 kids a night.  Would you be able to cook soup?  We make 20 litres.  You can do that much, you can do 10, you can do 5. Doesn’t matter!  Any bit you can offer is awesome!  

SANDWICHES!!  We are beginning an outreach on Thursday mornings in town.  I would love to be able to bring sandwiches to them.  Pb&j?  Eggs?  Bananas and yogurt drinks?  

FINANCES!!!!!  I realize, that might be a bad word to some, but we need finances to run this.    Everyone can pray!  BUT, we understand that time is a precious commodity for folks.  There just isn’t enough hours in the day!  If you want to be a part of Streetwise, if you believe in the vision God has given us to reach the street kids of Lusaka, you can give financially.  “Where would it go?”  you ask…..
    • the feeding program.  As of now we spend roughly 100 kwacha per week feeding 30 to 50 kids.  That figure includes the periodic purchase of charcoal, mealie, and paying Misozi for cooking the nshima (no small task!)
    • Rent and food for the house where the boys are going to live who take part in the Streetwise Craft Co, center.  They will live there and get discipleship training as well as remedial skills help and job skills training.  We are looking at 1000 to 1500 a month depending on how many boys are there.  
    • We need donations to set the house up!  We need beds, mattresses, towels, sheets, pots, pans, plates….etc.  
    • Rent on the Streetwise Center, which is 4,000 kwacha per month.  
    • Joe Chibanza is going to begin working with us full time.  He will be getting paid 600 kwacha a month.  As he will be living at the house his rent and food will be taken care of.  

Thanks for taking the time to read and consider Streetwise.  I think what I am driving at is this…..There is a way for everyone to get involved!  Something for everyone!  


If you would like to donate financially go to and click on GIVE…follow the directions to MISSIONARIES and choose MORALES FAMILY / ZAMBIA

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