Tuesday, July 16, 2013


YEAH!!  We finally came up with a name!!!  What do you think? 

STREETWISE is about building relationships.  The children who live on the streets believe that they are less than human and they aren’t valuable.  The mandate God has given us is to sit in the dirt with them, learn about their lives, hand out some hot tea and build relationships in order to show them that they are valuable and worthy of love because God has declared it so!  

Many of you have heard me speak of Joe.  He is doing SO WELL!!!  He has spent 9 months at a TEEN CHALLENGE facility out side of the city and has thrived beyond all our wildest imaginations!  After surviving on the streets of Lusaka for 11 years, God has truly transformed his life!  He has been giving the opportunity to go to Swaziland to further his education at another TEEN CHALLENGE facility.  He is a bit freaked out about it.  It was a huge step for him to leave Lusaka, let alone leave the country!  Pray for him!  

It is very exciting time for us because God has been laying on the hearts of some of the people who we attend church with to get involved.   We had our first “team meeting” a few weeks ago and I was ELATED!  We sat with FIVE extra people who have felt the call of God for the homeless kids and want to be a part!  For all this time it has just been Luis and I, so to have others come along and want to share the burden with us is SO exciting! 

How can you help? 

We need to raise money to purchase a ministry bus.  We would love to have a bus that will become our ministry center.  

We need financial support.  Lusaka is VERY expensive to live.  In order to live we need at least 4,000 USD a month.  Would you pray about how God would have you help in that department?  

Pray for more people to come along to help.  We would love to be able to start feeding, but simply don’t have enough hands.  Also, there is another spot that we would love to extend to, but again, we need more bodies.  

In closing....PRAY!  Pray about how you can help!  Pray for us!  Pray that God’s will is done in the lives of these precious kids!  

Like I always say, a missionary is only as effective as the people supporting them in prayer!  


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