Wednesday, June 5, 2013

support letters are hard to write

There is a quandary that is constantly raging in our brains as missionaries.....the dreaded SUPPORT LETTER!  DUN DUN DUUUUUNNNNNNNNN!  

These are questions that have plagued the minds of full time ministers through out time.   I can almost feel the AMENS and the WEEELLLSSS coming across the internet super highway from those of you who have been in our shoes. 

1. How do we let people know our needs with out making anyone feel guilty or manipulated?  
2. How do we inspire people with what God is doing with out playing the emotion card?
3. If we put our needs out there does is mean we aren’t trusting God to meet our need?
4. But then how on earth will you know what is going on unless we tell you?  How will you know how to pray for us?  


A friend encouraged me (a missionary friend btw) to simply lay in out there as plainly and clinically as I can.  You guys have been on this journey with me long enough to know my heart.  

So, hold onto your hates!!!  Here we go.......

1. We NEED a car!  This would be used for our family and possibly double as a ministry van to use in the feeding programs.   It needs to be sturdy because the roads in Zambia are ROUGH! 
2. In order for us to live in a way where we don’t fee like we are treading water all the time we need $4,000.  What does that cover you ask? 
A decent house with 24/7 electricity and running water (and prayerfully hot water)....also it needs to                                             have a good security fence (totally essential)

Fuel for the car.  Right now a gallon of gas costs roughly 7 USD, OUCH!

We need to eat!  My grocery bill averages around 180 to 200 USD a month.  Most food in Zambia is imported which drives the prices up.   A gallon of milk costs 6 USD.  I don't even remember what it is in the States. 

There are regular medical costs, car insurance, repairs on the car.  (the roads here are SUCK!) 

 We need to take breaks as a family. 

All we are asking from you guys is that you pray. 
Pray about how God would have you be involved with Streetwise Ministries.  (do you like that name?  we think its catchy) 

We believe COMPLETELY and with out reserve that God will provide our needs, but that he uses people to do that.  

PRAY!!  And we will do the same for you all!  We carry you guys in our hearts constantly!  (its TRUE!!!!!)  

We truly and sincerely love you guys!  If anyone wants to come and visit we would LOVE to have you!  

If God is laying it on your heart to donate financially .... go to / give / contribute to a missions trip / morales family zambia
Or you can mail a check or money order to 
Morales Family 
Times Square Church 
Missions department 
1657 Broadway FL 4
NYC, NY 10019
earmarked Morales family / zambia

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