Sunday, June 9, 2013

Photo Journals

These are some photos that I have been taking recently.  I REALLY love being able to tell a story with photos.  Most of the ones you will see have been taken at the church we attend here in Zambia,      South City Church.   Enjoy! 

A group shot of the kids ministry. As you can see it is a pretty international group. 

Believe it or not this is Evaristo smiling

Matali...I think she has the most beautiful profile. 

Candid shots are my absolute favorite

I call this one "BUDDIES"

Snack Time

This was taken at the prayer time before the service

Sweet face!

He was trying so hard to ignore me standing there with the camera!

This is Justin and his daughter Chubo.  The woman above with the beautiful profile is his wife. 

Manie Lombard, our pastor


She loves her daddy!

Worship time

I call this one "Zambian Delegation"

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