Saturday, May 11, 2013


I have written about some our experiences with burn out.  For me, one of the side effects of burn out is that I didn't want to look at pictures from that time.  But, since all that has come full circle and I have done the work in my heart that needed to be done, I have discovered all these little gems.  So I am going to do a series.   I have found some fun stuff!  
This was taken at the Kakabalika Child Foundation Christmas party 2007.  Hannah had just turned 3.     I call this one
"Are you gonna eat that?"

This was their first time tasting soda.  I walked into the room to check on things and I see this.  Don't you love how Hannah's eyes are rolling around in her head from shear joy?

I think the bottle was bigger than Brooklyn.  She was 18 months. 

If memory serves me correctly Amira drank hers in two whole swigs.  WOW!  Thats my girl!  She was 5 at the time. 
This was taken on my mom's porch weeks before we left for Zambia. 

Luis is carrying Brooklyn in a Chitenge fabric. 

We had something like 6 mango trees in our back yard.  Brooklyn wasn't seen with out one in her hand for the duration of the season.  

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