Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Night time feedings

Last week I led the first team from South City Church to minister to the kids on the streets.  It was such an exciting moment!  For a long time Luis and I have been praying that God will put the burden on the hearts of the people that we go to church with.  Then before we knew it there were four extra people sitting in our living room praying for God's direction and unity.   WOOOO!!!

We have felt God's leading us to a market area known as North Mead.  All of the kids seem the migrate there at night to sleep.  There are stalls and quiet places to hide away from people and the elements.  We also decided to start outreaches at night for several reasons.  One of which is the people who have homes are in them and we can see a bit more clearly who the street kids are.  The environment is a bit more controlled.  If I may be blunt for a moment.....it draws A LOT of attention when the locals see a couple of white people hanging out with street kids.  In the past one of us does crowd control and the other one talks to the kids.  The shouts of MUZUNGU!!!! (white person) and the odd marriage proposal are greatly diminished by making this logistical change.

We found THE PERFECT parking lot where we think it might be ideal for night time feedings.  It is well lit and is nice and big for our purposes.  ALSO, it is deserted at the time we wanna be out.   BONUS!

We have been simply called to reach out a hand of love to the kids.  We see what God has called us to do as step one.  They hang with us.  We target those who are serious about change and walking with God.  After a bit of time we will help them find a place to go....Teen Challenge?  Back Home?  We believe that by consistently and regularly being a part of their lives, showing them love, befriending them and hearing their hearts, God will do wonderful and miraculous things!

We are not the answer...Jesus is!!!  All we have to do is simply obey God's leading and His timing and the rest is up to him!

How can you pray for us?

1.  We NEED a ministry van.  We will be able to pull right into the parking lot.  Two people can sit in the back serving food while the rest of the team works the crowd and hangs out with the kids.

2. Pray that the team God has formed to go with us stays unified and in one mind.

3. Pray for Amira, Hannah and Brooklyn.   They are amazing kids and we are so proud of them!

4. Pray that we don't get ahead of God!!!

If you haven't checked out Luis' testimony video we did, look it up and share it!!!

Myranda, Luis, Amira, Hannah, Brooklyn Rose and Darwin the Guinea Pig

If God is laying it on your heart to donate financially .... go to
 tscnyc.org / give / contribute to a missions trip / morales family zambia
Or you can mail a check or money order to 
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