Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Street Kids Rock My Face Off!

You guys remember me writing about Joe?   In the street kid sub-society he is the big bwana...the boss.  Yesterday he prayed and asked Jesus into his heart!  WOOOOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOO

We have felt the best approach in sharing the gospel with these guys is to give them the information, then let them tell us when they are ready.  It would be a simple thing for us to push them to pray a few prayers with us, but it wouldn’t be genuine.  
Luis has been spending loads of one on one time with Joe.  They meet for a coffee, and Luis shares his life with him.  I have watched a really cool bond being formed between those two over the past six months.  He has also asked to come to church with us, and loves it!  So, yesterday, he was ready!  Afterwards, Luis brought him home to tell me the great news!  I was thrilled beyond words.
Pray for Joe!  I was a bit nervous at first that we are leaving for vacation in the States so soon after, but God knows exactly what he needs!  Pray for Joe! 
Pray that he develops a hunger for the word that is insatiable! 
Pray that he grows sure and steady. 

Also, would you pray for us to continue in our work with these kids?  This has re-invigorated us in our desire to see God’s word being planted in the lives of the street kids.  
I see an army of kids renewed by the power of God’s love changing Zambia!  I see hearts being cleansed and washed by the blood of Jesus.  
We need a place to meet with them.  The Soweto Street Church now needs a home.  We need a place where we can control the environment (no drugs and booze).  We need a place where we can clothe and feed them.  It would also serve as a job training sight.  Luis wants to have a wood working shop to train kids how to make furniture.  A cafe would be super cool as well.  

It is all so exciting!!!  How does God want you to be involved??

ps.  If you are interested in donating you can go to to the drop down menu under GIVE.  Follow the menu to MAKE A ONE TIME GIFT.  There is a drop down menu DONATE can find our names listed under MISSIONARY SUPPORT.  Or you can mail a check to   TIMES SQUARE CHURCH
                                                                         1657 Broadway 
                                                                         NYC, NY 10019  
                                                                         DONATION MORALES FAMILY 

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