Saturday, June 9, 2012

Social Justice, or what ever you wanna call it

Why are we missionaries?  Or I have heard the new term is “Social Justice Coordinators”  What ever...we love Jesus and obey him....
God has called us to Zambia to work with the street children, of that we have no doubt.  
Our goal in working with the kids is to see their lives transformed by the power of the gospel.  God has put the desire in our hearts to minister to the needs of their souls.  To have a church for them.  

In April of last year God gave me a dream about a store front ministry to street kids.  He showed me what it would look like and what we would be doing there.  It will be a place where a kid can walk in the door and relax for a bit, get nourished...body, mind and soul....and be spoken to about God’s great love for them.  We want to call is SOWETO STREET CHURCH.  We need you to help us!  
We firmly do believe that a missionary is only as effective as those who are willing to walk next to them and help shoulder the burden.  In order to walk in the mandate God has given us we need those of you who are willing to support us both financially and prayerfully.  
What are we specifically trusting God for right now?
A store front to do street ministry out of
The funds to do the work and to live in Zambia 

How can you pray for us as a family? 
Pray for the finances to do the work God has called us to do. 
Pray for the wisdom to handle the things God has put on our plates
Pray for the unity and safety of our family
We are really looking forward to see many of you this summer!!!!!!!  If you are interested in learning more about what we are doing here please contact me and we will be happy to answer all your questions. 

BLESSINGS!!!!!  Myranda, Luis, Amira, Hannah and Brooklyn Rose 
ps.  If you are interested in donating you can go to to the drop down menu under GIVE.  Follow the menu to MAKE A ONE TIME GIFT.  There is a drop down menu DONATE can find our names listed under MISSIONARY SUPPORT.  Or you can mail a check to   TIMES SQUARE CHURCH
                                                                         1657 Broadway 
                                                                         NYC, NY 10019  
                                                                         DONATION MORALES FAMILY 

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