Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Street Church

Sunday is church.  Wednesday is “street church”.  

It consists of sitting with the kids, lots of hugs, and some days heart breaking stories.  Today Chileshe came.  If you recall a few weeks back I told you about her.  She is around 21 years old and is pregnant with her 2nd baby.  She was unable to tell me when she is due, my guess is sometime this month.   PLEASE PRAY FOR HER!!!!  She has been on the street since she was nine.  Her mother died when she was 9, her father moved away and since then she has lived with her Grandmother.  

Today we also saw Mumbwa.  His eyes looks so old, and so tired, but he has the body of a 9 year old boy.  Last week he was 12, and the week before he was 15, so it is my guess that he is 9.  

Some of you who have been here might remember Aaron.   Bless his heart, we don't give up until the air has left the lungs, you know what I mean!  God has a plan for this boy!!!!!

Humphrey, David, Weppy, and I don't know the boy in the back

This is Little Joe.  He is a five year old trapped in a 22 year olds body.  He is SO SWEET!  

Luis sharing with the boys 

Luis and Joe.  He is the one I have been asking for LOADS of prayer!  When he gets saved WATCH OUT!!!!  

These two photos capture the insanity of the market.  The one on the left is what we walk through on the street to get to the bus terminal.  The one on left is in the back of the bus terminal where we do the outreach.  I don't think it gives justice to how loud and crazy it is back there.  

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