Friday, May 4, 2012

How do we keep ourselves out?

How do we keep the work we are doing for the Lord from becoming about us?  How do we keep ourselves out of the equation and Jesus as the center of it all?  How do we keep our ideas at bay and make sure we are being Spirit lead and not needs driven?

When we were on the streets the other day these questions were running through my mind is various shapes and forms.  
In the course of 20 minutes I spoke to a nine year old who had been kicked out his home for stealing from his mom, a pregnant drug abuser, and a woman who was trying to get her 12 year nephew out of jail for stealing 4 potatoes.  AAAUUUUGGGGHHHH!!!!
In my heart I was screaming
My mind was racing with solutions for all three situations and I was growing more and more anxious by the second.  
As I was about to run screaming from the entire scene Luis called the kids over because he wanted to share with them.  Instantly they were all quiet as they gathered around and listened to him sharing about the story of Jeptha, the son of a prostitute, and what his experiences were.  Luis also shared about his own background.  How his mother was never married and the things that Jesus has had to heal his heart from.  As I sat at watched 30 mesmerized faces, Jesus spoke so tenderly to my soul.  
“All you have to do is what I given you.  Simply obey and don’t go outside of that, the rest is up to Me!”  Peace settled over my soul and I was able again to entrust these precious souls to Jesus!  I don’t have to have the answers!  All I have to do is put my feet where I am told and know that God sees the bigger picture!  
Simple obedience!  That is how we make sure we stay out of it.  Our foxhole is to go to City Market and have Street Church faithfully every Wednesday morning.  I believe as we are faithful with that and obedient to the promptings of the Holy Spirit Jesus will move on behalf of the precious children he has given his life for!  All we are is a conduit.  
By the way, the boys brought over the woman who had the boy thrown in jail to speak with me.  I didn’t know what on earth was going on until a kind man came over and became my interpreter.  I spoke to the woman and pleaded with her to have mercy and let the boy go.  (She wanted him to stay in the jail until his Auntie could pay back what was stolen.)  That was all the Holy Spirit told me to say and then He told me to walk away.  I have no idea what happened after that, but I am believing that Jesus fought on behalf of the boy.  I will let you know next week. 


  1. It is most difficult to leave ourselves out of it. Especially when we are in it. I think the last battle of the flesh is our desire for known relevance. Us knowing that we were relevant. That we really mattered, that "WE" were the difference....

  2. What does my mothers life have to do with this story?


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