Thursday, February 16, 2012

Rain, street kids and Jesus

Yesterday, being wednesday and all, dawned cloudy, rainy and cold.  Luis and I however were determined to go on the streets, as we have made the commitment to be out there every Wednesday morning.  Long story short, fast forward a few hours and picture and African bus terminal.  People everywhere, vendors selling mushrooms, fish and second hand clothing, Mothers with their babies, street kids coming out of the woodwork, old men, me and Luis.  There is a group of tables at the back of this cacophony where we decided to "set up shop".  We were about to end our time there when Luis gathered the children around him because he wanted to address them.  It was one of the most incredible moments I have witnessed here in zambia.  I sat at the back and watched roughly 30 street kids get QUIET and STILL and some of the surrounding vendors stopped what they were doing to listen.  Picture everything in mid-town manhattan going still for 3 minutes and you get the idea.  For only the briefest of moments Luis spoke to them about God's love and plan for their lives.  About how precious they are to Jesus and that is why they are precious to us.  He reminded them of his time spent on the streets before he knew Jesus and what god has done in his life since.  He prayed and that was it.  Life started to move around us again.  It was surreal to be sure and the Holiness of the moment was weighty.  

As we have begun to move forward in this call to work with the street kids the advice given to us by a woman from England was this..Listen to what they want.  Don't be quick to jump in with your good ideas and plans and money.  Take things slowly and prayerfully and be a good listener.  That came to us a year ago.  Interestingly enough Luis was talking with Joe last week.  He has lived on the streets for 11 years!!  He told Luis that he hates it when white people come with their projects and plans but don't stick around, or they don't build relationships and listen.  God help us!!  I feel it would be the highest form of arrogance on our part to assume that we know the kids and then force feed the gospel and our good ideas on them.  

We are praying for several things as we move forward. 
1. Does God want us to get a bus to ministry out of?
2. Does God want us to get a store front to ministry out of? 
3. We want a network of Zambian churches that we can send the kids to for church.   They come from ALL over Lusaka!!  Who are these churches?
4. When do we start a feeding program and what are the laws pertaining to it?  We need to build relationships with people in government who want to help.  
5. Pray for the health and safety of our family
6. Pray for the funds to do the work 
7. Pray about how god would have you get involved.  Is it financially?  Is it with your time?  How?  Do you send a package as a way to offer encouragement?  

We love you all so very very much!!!!  PLEASE keep in touch!  We love hearing from you!

Myranda, Luis Amira, Hannah, Brooklyn Rose, Homer and apache. 

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