Sunday, February 19, 2012


Our daughter Amira is dealing with a bully at school.  Amira is typically a soft spoken child in a public situation who likes to go with the flow and not cause any waves.  She wants to do what is expected of her, do it well and mind her business.  She gets a long well with her peers and is generally a good kid.
However, right now, she is learning that painful life lesson we have all had to learn, and are continuing to learn.  And that is this.....sometimes people are mean for no good reason.  How are we going to respond?  Do we lay down and take it or do we stand up for our selves?  I believe it is very godly to stand up for yourself (in a way that is God honoring of course).    
In praying about the situation Luis and I have felt very strongly that Amira needs to learn to stand up for herself.  The mother in me wants to march right up to her parents and tell them what is what, or to grab this little kid by the back of the arm and......well, you get the picture....but THANKFULLY the Lord keeps stopping me!
 We feel that it would do her self esteem WONDERS if she were to stand up to this child and say “ENOUGH!!!”  (throw a punch?)   God spoke very clearly that this is a life defining moment for her.  She NEEDS to look her fear in the eye and say ENOUGH!!!!!  She is intimidated and made to feel very badly about herself because of this little girl.  I believe that in doing this Amira will grow so much in her walk with Christ, this little girl will see Jesus in Amira and who knows...maybe they might end up as friends?  Amira is also going to learn that VERY valuable lesson that God is on her side and that He is fighting for her!  It has taken me YEARS to get that one into my think cranium.  


Would you please pray for Amira???????????

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