Sunday, March 25, 2018

what is one life worth?

Remember Bruto?   I introduced him to you a few weeks prior in my post entitled "WHAT HAPPENS WITH YOU BUY STREETWISE"

It that particular post I told you that Bruto has been living on the streets since he was 8 years old.   He came across our radar a few months ago and we have been talking with him, working with him and making sure he knows how loved he is.  

Our outreach coordinator Tim Phiri spent a lot of time with Bruto gaining his trust, taking him for medical care and loving on him.  Through this we learned that Bruto really wanted to get back to his family so we stepped in to help.

Tim and a friend took Bruto back to his family earlier this week on one HUGE epic journey.   Hitch hiking, arrests, getting stuck with a drunk driver in the african bush and an emotional street kid just scratch the surface.    Tim tells the story way better that I could.

At one point Bruto and Tim were stuck in the middle of no where and Bruto started crying.  Tim (who is about 20 pounds SMALLER than Bruto) turned to him and said "WHY ARE YOU CRYING!?  YOU HAVE BEEN LIVING ON THE STREETS OF LUSAKA FOR A LONG TIME!  I SHOULD BE THE ONE CRYING RIGHT NOW!"  

Needless to say they found the family and a beautiful reunion took place right before their eyes.  Tim said that the uncle had been looking for Bruto to no avail.  He wanted Bruto back and loves him very much.   Many tears of joy were shed by everyone around.

After years of living rougher than anything I have ever seen and beyond my personal with crushing loneliness, rejection and pain.......Bruto has found a place in his family again.  WOW!  

Luis and I have been humbled and amazed at the lengths Jesus will ask us to go through for one persons life.  Bruto, no doubt, is worth the time, energy and resources it took to get him home.  Tim had no clue what they would find on the end of their bus ride.  Would his family want him back? Would they even be alive?

All he had was a burden that God had placed on our hearts as a team that we needed to step in and help this lost lamb find his way home.   And despite all the obstacles that were thrown in their way to get them to stop they FOUND HIS FAMILY IN THE MIDDLE OF NO WHERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (tim wasn't able to take pictures for various reasons)

You wanna know something........this epic journey for Bruto was made possible because you guys purchases Streetwise Craft Co products.  Bruto is one of the many thousands of reasons we work like we do to create a piece that you will cherish and love.

When you purchase Streetwise Craft Co originals you are DEFINITELY making a difference in the life of a precious soul who desperately needs to know how loved they are!

Thank you for all you do!

If you would like to donate to what we are doing here in Zambia please go to TIMES SQUARE CHURCH on GIVING and follow the links to MORALES FAMILY / ZAMBIA


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