Wednesday, April 20, 2016

life through my lens

Hi everyone!  Life has been so unbelievably busy lately that I haven't had the head space to sit down and put words to paper of all I have seen and experienced over the past few months.  .  SOOO, I thought, let me tell the story through my photos.  
ENJOY!  Would love your feed back! 

My husband luis walking down the steps toward Victoria Falls.  I love to watch how he loves our girls.  

Our daughter Brooklyn. This was taken the morning she went on a camping trip with her school.  And yes, this photo does do justice to the nutty kid that she is.  She is a constant riot
Our daughter Hannah.  We took a trip to Livingstone to see Victoria Falls and this is here enjoying the spray from the falls.  

Our daughter Amira.  We got soaked from the falls!  It was majestic! 

On one of our morning outreaches to the streets of Lusaka.  Ashleigh is sitting with a 12 year old girl who has to spend her time helping her blind grandpa beg for money at the cars.  There is no social aid here in Zambia for the blind. 
The grandpa of the girl in the photo above

This is Rose.  Rose is a street girl.  She has two kids and begs at the cars every day so she can make enough money to feed her babies.  
Under the tree is a blind woman taking a nap.  She spends her days begging for money at the cars.  

Elliot and his mom and dad go to the church we attend here in Lusaka.  south city church is a international church community with a healthy mix of people from all walks of life. 

This is Angeni.  Angeni's parents are part of the leadership structure of South City church
David is a part of the congregation of South City Church.  He is a radio DJ for a local Christian station 

This is Gladwell.  I think he lives up to his name

Meet Kunda.  Kunda lives on the streets and has become a part of the program at Streetwise Outreach and Craft Co.  

Samuel is a part of the program on Streetwise Outreach and Craft Co as well.  We are proud of him because he will be going to Teen Challenge this weekend to go through a year long program.  

The rest of the photos are just random things I have seen and thought lovely about the place we live and work.   Zambia is full of color and people of dignity and rare beauty


  1. Very cool Pics M. Where did you take the pics with the blind girl? When Ash was with you? Is it on Independence ave? When do you do these out reaches?

    1. your name didn't come up....who dis? The pics with the blind girl were taken at Independance Avenue and Burma Road. YES that Ash! annnnndddddd currently we do outreaches on Wednesday nights and possibly soon to start a morning one. INterested?


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