Monday, March 2, 2015

streetwise, family life and all that entails.....

Wow, is it MARCH already!?  HUH!!???

Raise your hand if 2015 started out the gate fast and furious!  

I have barely had time to stop and think five minutes ahead, let alone to sit and write a much needed update.  SOOOO, here it goes!!! 

We have been working and praying for 3 years towards getting a center where we can conduct ministry from.  DRUM ROLL………WE MOVE IN THIS WEEK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  We can hardly believe all that God has been doing.   I will post pictures of what I am dubbing “THE BIG MOVE 2015” (which begins tomorrow barring any vehicle issues....this being Africa and all)  
I took this photo from the doorway looking into the center.  

The Streetwise Center is going to serve a couple of functions. 
  1. It will be a place where the kids can come on a day to day basis and learn the Streetwise Craft co skills.  The boys will get help in reading, writing and math.  They will also learn job skills      
  2. We will be able to conduct ministry outreaches from the center.  This is wonderful because it will allow us to control the environment a bit more effectively.  As of now the kids are free to come and go with their drugs and it is hard to regulate that.  We feel that in order to be more strategic and effective in the lives of the kids, they need a safe, clean environment to come in off the streets for a bit. 

ALL IN ALL WE ARE PUMPED!!!!!  After all the blood, sweat and tears we can hardly believe it is happening!   How can you get involved? 

You can pray!!!!!!! 

You can volunteer your time!  
It is going to take loads of hands to help with these kids. 
Each need is so varied and so diverse, that it is going to take
 a hands on, organic, God driven approach to reach them 

You can give financially.  
The monthly costs as of now is around 970 USD per month to run the program, 
however we expect it to grow when we move into the store front.   I would be happy to give a breakdown of that number to any one who wants .
This is Titus.  He has been off and on the streets for the 7 years we have known him. 

Luis and I have enjoyed learning how to work together on Streetwise.  It has been a challenge learning how to mesh our vastly different personalities together….but really and truly, we love what we do and enjoy getting to do it together!
We call Hannah the Dog Whisperer (she didn't get her love of animals from me!)

Our girls Amira, Hannah and Brooklyn are doing well.  Amira is 12 and has started junior high with a bang.  She has taken life by the horns and is doing really well.  Hannah is 10 and is turning into such a beauty.  Her compassion for this around her leaves me awe struck.  Brooklyn is 8 and she is a fire ball.  She leaves us in stitches all the time.  The kid is hysterical!
Amira has gotten so big!  

Ok, you guys, here is goes, I am just going to lay it out there.  (my eyes are squeezed shut) We need help getting home this summer for a break.  We need money in order to do that.   Currently we live on 2,000 USD a month. ( our rent is 1,000 per month and then I have to feed three hungry kids)  As you can imagine, it isn’t easy to save money for airfare with the fluctuating exchange rates and the sky rocketing inflation that is happening right now.   Would you consider helping us out with this? 
Brooklyn and Luis having some quality time on the front porch

1. Pray for the storefront.  
2. Pray for Luis and I to continue to work in unity and with wisdom and God’s direction . 
3. Pray for the financial resources to do this work 
4. Pray that we can make it back to the states this summer!  We wanna hug some necks and eat some of my dad’s famous BBQ!

We love you all so very very much!!!!  Please let us know how you all are doing as well!  We love to hear from you!!!!   

If you are interested in giving financially to STREETWISE you can go to… on DONATE….go to the drop down menu for missions and find MORALES FAMILY / ZAMBIA.  

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