Monday, October 13, 2014

streetwise fun runs rock!!!!!!!!!

Last saturday October 4th 250 people gathered at the Lusaka South Country Club for the 2nd Annual Moonlight Fun Run to benefit Streetwise. 
From left to right Nikki Timmerman, Luis, me and Ilke Greene
Nikki Timmerman and Ilke Greene took the initiative and planned the first one last year.  They both wanted to get involved with Streetwise outreaches, but due to family commitments and husbands work schedules, they are unable to.  They decided this is how they could be involved.  AMAZING!  And again this year.  We never asked for this to be done, they just did it!   What they are able to pull together blows my mind!  And they didn’t do it for themselves or for any thanks....they just want to be a part of the team.  Those amazing ladies raised 2,200 USD!  WOOHOO!!!! 
Courtney won first place for the women's!  GO GIRL! 
The guy shown here won last year and again this year!  Yup, he's awesome 

The kids ran a half race and got one of a kind Streetwise participant medals as a reward . 

There was even glow in the dark body paint.....tons of it.  :-) 

We think he took a bath in the paint.  

All in all a wonderful evening filled with laughs and happy memories! 

What is the money going to be used for? 
With in the month (but Africa being Africa, might be January) we will be moving the Streetwise base of operations OUT of our living room and into an actual work space!!!!!  

We are super pumped about that for several reasons, A few of which are....

1. We get our living room back 

2. We will be able to begin bringing the boys into the craft studio on a day to day basis to being teaching them in a more concentrated manner.  

3. We will be able to hold outreaches from the store front.  This will enable us to control the environment the kids are coming into in a productive manner. 


The money raised will help with rentals,  buying food for the boys that come to the trade school and helping support kids that we send to Teen Challenge rehab.  

How can you help?
PRAY!!!!!!  Pray for us!!!  Pray for our family!  Pray for the Streetwise team. PRAY!!!!! Get a group together and PRAY!!!!!!  A missionary is only as effective as the people praying for them! 

You can give financially.  (I hate putting that part in there, but its true!)

You can hold fundraisers for Streetwise where you are!  Nikki and Ilke saw a need, saw how they could help, and they took off with it.  You could have a car wash, a spaghetti dinner, bake sales, pancake dinners, silent auctions, raffles.  The list of possibilities is endless.  Not only does it raise awareness for Streetwise, it provides an opportunity for you to get your community together for some fun family time!  


Thank you so much for your time!!!! 

Luis with one of our Streetwise volunteers, Chibwe.

If you would like to give to what we are doing here please go to, click MAKE A DONATION, the choose MISSIONS, then MORALES FAMILY, ZAMBIA.  

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