Thursday, September 5, 2013

my mattress miracle

Ok, least you all think that I have become a crazy person and have now started praying over what pair of socks to wear every day, let me give background before telling you my miracle. 

In the last post I told you all that I have been in a hard mental place for a few months.  Discouraged and frustrated.....lots of “God what I am DOING here??”  You get the picture....

A couple of weeks ago I was doing one of my weekly purges (I routinely throw crud away in one room of my house a week to prevent being run over by broken crayons and teddy bears with no arms) and noticed that the kids mattresses were in a sad state and that it would behoove us to get new ones 

(did you like the use of the word BEHOOVE?)  

However, where does one get the extra cash to buy three mattresses on the fly like that?  So I sent a quick prayer up and forgot about it. 


A couple of days ago I got a phone call from some friends who have just recently bought four new twin sized mattresses.  They have to leave the country and they wanted to know if we would like in HERE TAKE FOUR BRAND SPANKING NEW MATTRESSES FREE OF CHARGE CAUSE WE WANNA BLESS YOU!!!  But Myranda, you say, you only have three kids....on outreach nights Joe stays the night with us and we have needed a spot for him to sleep!!!!!!!  HENCE FOUR BRAND NEW MATTRESSES.


Often we are put in a place of self evaluation..asking ourselves “God what are we DOING!? Is this your will??  Are we heading in the right direction or are we spinning our wheels?  LORD THIS IS JUST PLAIN INSANITY!!!” 

Here is what God dropped into my heart.... “Duh Girl (I added the DUH part)  If I didn’t want you in Zambia doing what you are doing would I have just handed you brand new mattresses for sleeping?”  To which I responded "Good point Lord!  You sure are wise!"  

God will always confirm his will to us.  He will always give us what we need to keep going.  We just have to keep our ears tuned into what he is saying.  

It might not be the writing on the wall, but hey, my kids get to sleep comfortable tonight!  

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  1. I love it (especially that you had the opportunity to use the word behoove)! The blessings of walking in His will. You made me smile this morning. PTL! I pray u get to come home soon, i miss you!


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