Thursday, August 15, 2013

Slow and Steady

STREETWISE OUTREACH is a ministry that has been birthed out of a desire to see the homeless, drug addicted and purposeless children of Lusaka rise up and take hold of their place in recognize that they were born with a purpose and a plan. 


The reason we show up at 8:00pm every Wednesday night in the same parking lot is because we believe that in being a regular and steady presence they will begin to understand God’s tenacity for their souls.  You can’t imagine that alone is having on them.  

As I write this I am thinking of David.  He is an older boy who LOVES Mike Sampson.  Mike is a quiet, gentle, steady, solid presence.  He loves to stand at the back of the truck and hand out the tea to the boys.  David, with out fail, gravitates to Mike and simply stands right next to him the entire time.  He doesn’t move from his side for the full hour we are out there.  I don’t even think that they talk very much.  They just stand there with each other.  Slowly but surely David will give bits of his story to Mike as he learns to trust him.  But first he needs to believe that Mike won’t hurt him.  David has had to live a survivors childhood.  In order to survive the means streets of Lusaka he has had to shut parts of himself off.  HOW SAD!  

That is what STREETWISE is all about.  SLOW AND STEADY WINS THE RACE!   There is no quick fix, no 5 step program to a greater you.  There is us being the arms and feet of Jesus extended to a dying and forgotten society of kids left to fend for themselves and wander aimlessly through their broken lives.  

How can you help?

We desperately need people to pray!  Would you consider committing to praying for us on a regular basis?  Prayer is the key to everything!  

 Would you consider coming over to help out for a bit?  That would ROCK MY FACE OFF!!!  

We need financial support.  In order to continue in what God is doing here we need you to consider giving up Starbucks for a day and sending that 10 bucks over here?  


If God is laying it on your heart to donate financially .... go to / give / contribute to a missions trip / morales family zambia
Or you can mail a check or money order to 
Morales Family 
Times Square Church 
Missions department 
1657 Broadway FL 4
NYC, NY 10019
earmarked Morales family / zambia

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