Friday, May 3, 2013


I prepared my two little flasks of tea for the boys on the streets so excited!!  Mike (a man from our church who goes with us) came and we all got prayed up.  Then we saddled up and headed out to meet Clive (another man from our church)....Luis stayed back with our kids..we take turns

Anyway, let me cut to the chase....

We wrangled the kids and got them settled on some steps in front of a store and I felt led to ask Clive if he had anything to share.

... As far as informal ministries go, I think we win the prize.  We get prayed up for sure and stay in an attitude of prayer the entire time, but let the Holy Spirit lead.  If He wants us to hang out and goof off with the kids,we do.  If we are supposed to share from the Word, we share.  

But, I digress, back to my point....I asked Clive to share.  He is a very shy in the back ground person.  You have to listen carefully when having a one on one conversation with him because he is very quiet.   All that to say, when he opened his mouth and started to speak, MY JAW WAS ON THE FLOOR!!!! 
“Who are you and what did you do with Clive!?” 
It was FLIPPIN AWESOME!!!!  In addition to that I watched 20 rambunctious boys sit and hang on his words!!!!!!!!!  Jesus Christ showed up!!!  It was awesome!  I wont get into the African politics behind all this, but to see an older white South African man ex police officer allowing Jesus to love through him to a bunch of black street kids was truly an amazing sight to behold!  I just stood there with a big stupid grin on my face. 
Clive and Vera

As Clive was sharing I was praying the entire time and felt that we needed to wait one more week to give out the tea.  I asked Clive his opinion and he agreed with me and gave his reasons.  BTW, For all you Bible school students / future missionaries / ministry workers....unity is KEY!  Although Luis and I are the leaders of our humble little ragamuffin crew, God speaks to all of us and we have to listen to the Holy Spirit and to one another!  I felt a check in my heart and ran it by my team member.  Simple, end of story.  Keep your ears in-tuned to the voice of God and it makes life SO MUCH SIMPLER!  That little bit of 411 was free!  No charge.  

Be at rest, the tea didn’t get wasted.  Mike and I drove around a gave it out to various gate guards and security officers.   Sure made their nights!  

that we stay faithful with the bit that Jesus has entrusted to us 
that there is always divine unity 
that God moves on more people’s hearts to get involved
that God provided the money needed to purchase the ministry supplies. 
(a bus?  a store front?)

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