Monday, March 25, 2013

youth group parties

So often I have shown you photos of the kids on the streets and that aspect of our lives, but I realized that you have never seen the kids we work with from our church.  

God has allowed us to be a part of an aspect of ministry that is pretty diverse.  On one hand we are ministering to homeless children, and on the other hand God has also put it on our hearts to run a youth group through our church here.  Both groups of kids are around the same ages, from 12 - 18.  Both groups of kids have questions, concerns and dreams for the future.  So, here is a glimpse of another aspect of our lives here.  These photos are from a pool party that we had on Saturday. 

Pray for these guys!  They are an awesome group of kids!  Pray that Luis and I have the words of Jesus hidden in our hearts for them.  Pray that God gets a hold of them and revival breaks out in their hearts.  

They were playing pool Rugby.....I think the girls won

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