Thursday, September 13, 2012

musings and updates

 We are adjusting to a new way of life here.  Luis has been hired part time to teach Design and Technology at one of the International Schools here.  We have both become very involved in the workings of the office of South City Church and we continue in our work with the street kids.   In addition we have taken over the youth group at South City Church.  It is something that we have been praying about for a while and the timing is perfect.  OH IFORGOT, we have also moved into a new house!  PHEW!  

ALSO, I am employed as a full time chef, taxi service, event planner, homework helper, ….i.e. I am a mom.    
The girls are doing very well!  Amira is growing into quit the little lady.  She is loving her new teacher, Mrs. Venu .  Some of you might remember from the summer that she was afraid to start school with her.  Hannah joined the swim team and Brooklyn is riding her bike without training wheels.  That made me choke up the first time I saw that.  MY BABY!!!  

Our lives aren’t sensational or biography worthy.  We are just a normal average family obeying God and living our lives.   We make our mistakes and certainly we don’t “have it all together”.  Our hope and prayer is that our lives will please Jesus, that we will make an impact in our fox hole and that our girls will grow to be strong women of God who know His voice and love Him completely.  

What are we trusting God for at this point in our families adventure? 

  •  We believe strongly that now is the time to move forward in our work with the street kids.  For almost a year we have been meeting them in the market, building trust and relationships.  But now we feel God’s leading to begin to look for a store front to start a more concentrated work from.  Please pray for God’s leading in this.  Our good friend Matali is appealing to the city council for permission to do this.  Pray for favor and provision and that a place will open up soon.  
  • We need a new car.  Ours is SHOT!
  •       Pray for our children’s safety.  
  •      Pray for our marriage to be kept safe and secure
  • Pray that we have the wisdom and understanding needed to work with the kids on the streets. 
How does God want you to be involved?  Do you send money?  Do you come visit and see for yourself? 



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