Wednesday, May 16, 2012



This morning I headed out by myself to City Market Bus Terminal. Typical morning. Myranda’s a bit under the weather. I got there and found that Joe, our resident translator, street lawgiver and drug procurer, was passed out in a corner, and not wanting to wake up. Most of the kids there were most of the younger guys, the ones who can’t articulate well enough in English.
I did meet Dixon, 17 years old, who came to the streets three months ago because there wasn’t enough money to send him to school. He lives in a nearby compound, a ghetto area which doesn’t have proper water or sanitation, and frequent and prolonged power outages. I connected with him for a bit, partly because he was able to communicate well in English, and partly because his circumstance was heartbreaking, especially from a parents perspective. I just shared with him how his mom is probably so worried for him, and that its not too late to go home. Sometimes it’s just putting an arm around these kids, and letting them know that we care, because God cares. Having children of your own sometimes allows you a glimpse into God’s heart for us. 
Two other boys that I spoke to were Abraham, long time street kid and friend, and joshua, who had spent time off the streets and has just come back. Abraham is mister Jiggy, who sports a fashionable Afro and two large faux diamond earrings, and Joshua, well, a smile that would light up a Colgate ad. 
Joe finally got up, and I was able to put my arm around him and talk with him some more. Joe has heart, what you see is what you get, kind of like some of the guys I ran with in the Lower East Side back in the late 80s. But he is struggling. His life seems to be falling apart. He kept apologizing to me because of the state that I found him in, and I kept reassuring him that it’s quite alright. Remember this guy in your prayers. He’s street tough, but God tendered.
I’m grateful that Jesus is the one that found me, in the midst of my life, and pain and loneliness. Im glad he continued, because if it were up to me, I’d still be in a rut, or worse.   And that’s what keeps me going out to these kids.  First, the understanding that I am loved by God.  And second, I love Him back and go where He wants me to go because I love Him.  

Please remember Joe in your prayer time. He was very sorry for the state I found him in. He kept apologizing and I had to reassure him that he’s done nothing wrong, or at least our friendship hasn’t been affected. I meet with him for coffee on my turf every couple of weeks, and I feel like God is getting through to his heart. There is something phenomenal that God wants to do in and through his life that will affect that community of street children. 

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