Monday, April 16, 2012



These are some shots of boys that come to our home periodically.  Every time a kid comes to our home they get fed, no questions asked.  They get loved and they get a healthy dose of Jesus.  These kids came from across town...the equivalent of walking from lower Manhattan to upper Manhattan.
                             The boys are sitting on the trampoline waiting for their eggs.  Homer, our dog is attempting to get up with them.  Zambians are notoriously afraid of dogs.

Brooklyn being the adorable little creature that she is!

Charisto....when this kid gives his heart completely over to the Lord there is no stopping him! He is president of a country material

The boys eating their lunch of scrambled eggs, crackers and an apple

OOPS!!  Homer made it on top of the trampoline!  Sinatra is doing his best to not freak out like a little girl! 

This little boys eyes told me that he has seen more life than most adults I know

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  1. Powerful, simply powerful photos. Girls are getting big.


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