Monday, February 27, 2012

school bully BE GONE!

I was blown away to see how she handled it with such grace and dignity.  The day following me posting the blog, the little girl was forcing Amira’s friend to carry her stuff and the stuff from her little posse.  Amira promptly took the things from her friend and walked them over to the child.  She said “My friend doesn’t have to carry your things if she doesn’t want to!”  Very calm, yet very firm.   That very same morning Amira didn’t want to go to school.  She was faking a cough and telling me her tummy hurt.  So, while I wanted to protect my baby and keep her with me, we made her go to school with some pep talks, prayers and loads of love!  
Well, long story short, because Amira dealt with the situation so gracefully and lovingly, yet firmly it unnerved this little girl.  A few days went by and she asked Amira if she had told me and Luis everything she had been threatening her with.  Amira was very honest, yet didn’t feel the need to defend herself.  She simply stated her case and stood her ground.  Well, the following day the girl came up to Amira and APOLOGIZED for being so nasty and asked if they could be friends.  
I learned so much from my precious baby through this.  She faced her fear with boldness and bravery.  Yet she did it with such love and grace that it made my jaw drop and my heart flutter.  I don’t know if I would have been so fact I know that in times past I haven’t been.  She was so quick to forgive!  She truly and completely forgave the girl.  I don’t know if she is willing to trust her friendship to her, and I don’t blame her, but Amira holds nothing over her!  

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