Monday, January 16, 2012

Forgiving is RUFF

Why is forgiveness easy one day and hard the next?  I must admit that I have been struggling with this one very hard today.  We get hurt and our natural instinct is to protect ourselves and defend what has been harmed, usually our sense of preservation and our rights.  Someone we love is falsely represented and the mommy bear in us wants to fight back with all we are worth and protect those we hold dearest.  After all we are humans right?  HOWEVER, what does God's word have to say about all this??
 Turn the other cheek....
Forgive or the Father can't forgive you....OUCH
if at all possible LIVE AT PEACE
> Here is the peace that I am finally coming to in my heart...something I have always known in my heart, it has just taken a while for it to travel to my heart.....forgiveness is about me, not the person who has harmed me. God requires me to forgive because he knows that if an hold onto the pain and want revenge that it will eat me alive and keep ME from the peace that Jesus won for me at such a great price.  God sees the wrong  that is done and he isn't happy about it.  However he is very clear on the fact that dealing with wrongs is his problem and NOT mine.

Could it be that when I hold onto bitterness and anger that I am throwing the work he did on the cross for me back in his face and telling him that I don't care?

> I read a good quote the other day
          " holding a grudge is allowing someone to live rent free in your head."


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